LaugLaughter is the Best Medicine Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Have you ever heard that Laughter is the Best Medicine? Well, when you're down or not feeling well it's hard to think about laughing much at all, but we're not the only ones who have caught onto this trend of using laughter to help heal whether it be a bad mood or a cold. Think we're crazy? Well, get in line! We certainly didn't believe it at first either until we started to research the topic and found a few chuckles along the way.

The following information is from an amazing article about Laughter Therapy that I couldn't resist sharing!

Learn to Laugh at Yourself One of the most valuable things I gained during my years living in Brazil, was the ability to laugh at myself. While learning to speak the Brazilian language, I quickly discovered that my attempts to speak every phrase perfectly only hindered my ability to learn. When I let myself go and just spoke what I thought would work, I learned much faster. I also invented some pretty hilarious expressions in the process. My Brazilian friends still remind me of some of these today. Brazilians also consider parody to be a high form of flattery. For entertainment, they would observe the quirky little things that their friends would do and then perform frequent, mini-comedy skits. I can't tell you how incredibly freeing and fun it was to experience the pure hilarity of laughing at myself! Laughing at others rates right up there too.

Laughter is the best medicine so...Don't Take Life Too Seriously Remember to focus on the lighter side of life. Take time to enjoy your friends, watch a comedy, read the funnies. I'm sure you've heard this before, but life really does go by too quickly to spend it being miserable.

Spend Time with Children 

Baby Smiling Laughter is the best medicine. Image courtesy of

Being around my little nephew is the perfect cure for depression. He's in that stage of rapid discovery and he giggles over every new thing he does and sees. Making him smile is pure contagious joy!

Subscribe to a Joke-a-Day Email List I'm a terrible joke-teller. I can never remember exactly how it goes, and I always mess up the punch line! But I love to hear a joke and share one with a friend who might be able to tell it better than me.

So why don't we laugh more? Let's get started now ...

Why did the chicken cross the road halfway? She wanted to lay it on the line.

A police recruit was asked during the exam, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?" He said, "Call for backup."

Why don't oysters give to charity? Because they're shellfish.

Hopefully you're at least smiling by now. So go on—start laughing more!

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