The only thing better than buying a perfectly fitting swimsuit? Buying a perfectly fitting swimsuit that’s also sustainably made. In today's post we’re sharing 5 reasons to choose a sustainable swimsuit. Check it out and learn why sustainable manufacturing matters!

What is Sustainable Swimwear and why does it matter?

So what exactly is sustainable swimwear and how do you know if your swimsuit is made using this process? And, more importantly, why does sustainability matter? Let’s start with the first question; there are three main criteria in order for swimwear to be considered sustainable:

  1. The items must be made using low-impact materials either from natural fibers or recycled fibers.
  2. The manufacturing process must conserve resources.
  3. The materials must be produced in safe working conditions and with fair wages.

We’re proud to share since we consciously decided to switch our manufacturing process in early 2022, our entire collection of swimwear—from new women’s collections to juniors to kids swim—is made from ethically sourced and sustainable manufacturing processes.

“We consciously decided to shift our manufacturing process to one that aligns with a healthy future for our planet,” said HAPARI founder and designer Tasha Carson. “It’s important to us and to our customers that we make business decisions that reflect this. We believe our efforts, and these changes specifically, will make a difference in the weeks, months and years to come.”

Beautiful swimwear shouldn’t harm the planet when it’s produced—and it doesn’t have to. By making deliberate choices every day, like choosing sustainable swimwear, together we can make a difference to better our planet.

Fabric rolls at a work station in a manufacturing company


4 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Swimwear

Now that we’re on the same page about what sustainable swimwear is, let’s understand why it’s important. In the next section, we’re sharing 4 reasons why choosing sustainable swimwear matters.

  1. Better manufacturing processes for our planet.
    When swimwear is made from natural and recycled fabrics, the manufacturing process is better for our planet. What does that mean? It means less resources are used. For example, our swimwear is now made from high-quality eco-polyester fabric blend that is made from recycled plastic water bottles. An estimated 10 billion recycled water bottles have been repurposed worldwide and kept out of the waste stream using this manufacturing process. 

    In addition, we have moved to waterless printing for our fabrics. Unlike traditional printing methods, this manufacturing process saves gallons of fresh water in every yard of fabric, making it more sustainable and beneficial to the environment. We’re incredibly excited our company can help contribute to a healthier planet. 
  1. Say no to fast fashion. 
    When you purchase sustainable swimwear, you’re saying ‘yes’ to sustainable processes and ‘no’ to fast fashion. When brands create sustainable swimwear, the swimsuits are carefully crafted for longevity; in fact, one of the main goals is to create swimsuits that last in order to purposefully disrupt the fast fashion cycles.

    And, with longevity in mind, sustainable swimsuits include innovative product features—for example, at HAPARI we include features like Tummy sculpting mesh technology, the option to add Silicon Illusion Inserts, and adjustable three-way straps to ensure swimsuits meet your needs for years to come.
  1. Supporting ethical supply chains. 
    An integral part of sustainable brands is an ethical and transparent supply chain. This means fair, safe, and just decisions are made throughout every stage in the supply chain. When you support sustainably made swimwear, you’re supporting this process. The more this process is economically supported, the more and more brands will make this a priority.

    At HAPARI, our factories economically empower women in Colombia—our manufacturing partners make it a point to hire single moms and women who are the bread-winners for their families. These women are talented seamstresses who support their families and children with their livelihood. Employees are offered competitive wages, fair and just working conditions like standardized work hours, clean facilities, generous holidays and paid time off. We’re incredibly proud to be partnering with a company that not only provides us with the highest quality of swimwear but also aligns with our values and mission.
  1. Fashion that’s innovative and fresh.
    With sustainability as the parameter, fashion is forced to innovate and evolve—producing fresh new designs and out-of-the-box thinking. Swimwear is no different. Buying sustainably doesn't mean sacrificing on style or quality – in fact, quite the opposite.

    You can have your cake and eat it too with sustainable swimwear; fashion forward designs and prints and functional features made sustainably. At HAPARI, one of our favorite features from our sustainable manufacturing is the incredibly soft, luxurious fabric. The fabric from our new collection is the
    softest fabric we’ve ever had. It feels like butter
Woman sitting on stairs wearing a tankini swimsuit

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