Seashell on the Beach Beach Tips for Beating The Sand

Ahhhh, the breeze in my hair, the sun on my shoulders and a cook sparkling drink in hand. What a great day! Now, sadly it is time to go so we must pack up. Unfortunately, this is one of my most dreaded times of wrapping of great day because there is sand absolutely everywhere! I know it is impossible to keep out of your bag, your shoes and more, but we've found some very helpful Beach Tips for Beating the Sand!

Beach Tips for Beating The Sand - Baby Wipes

You heard me. Tons of Baby Wipes! This helps get the sticky sunscreen off your hands as well as removing unwanted sand from your wet feet and hands. Just be prepared to use quite a few of them if you've had a wild day in the water!

Beach Tips for Beating The Sand - Plastic Bags

Yes, seems totally obvious, but truly zip-lock bags do help to keep your cell phone, keys, money, etc. free of unwanted sand. You also should take some larger plastic bags to put your wet suit in to make it home. Don't forget to unpack as soon as possible though because a hot, wet suit in a closed bag is a bad idea for both you and suit!

Beach Tips for Beating The Sand - Baby Powder

Small Child's Foot on Sand Beach Tips for Beating The Sand. Image Courtesy of

Well, I'm sure you didn't see this one coming! Baby Powder or Cornstarch along with an oversized makeup brush help you get sand-free! The powder absorbs the wetness and then you use the brush to simply brush it off. Who knew? ;)

Beach Tips for Beating The Sand - Beach Chairs

Well there's one way to keep the sand off you, just don't sit in it! I know, not always possible, but having a great beach chair keeps you up and off the sand pretty well and certainly is easier to keep you relaxed and right at home right on the beach!

Now, who is ready to hit the beach?!