Dreaming of hitting the open waves this summer? Why not do a little shopping or rock climbing while you're at it? What are the Best Cruise Deals for Summer 2013?

Cruise Ship in the Middle of the Ocean Amazing Cruise Ship adventures await you! Find the best cruise deals for summer!

All of these things and more can happen when you board an amazing cruise ship. Like choosing any resort, you make sure the reviews are amazing (and accurate) and that it is at an exceptional price, which is why we're here to share our research on the best cruise deals for summer 2013. No one wants to spend everything on their trip and not have spending money left to really enjoy your time aboard so when planning your getaway make sure to take into account of the cabin type (suite, indoor, ocean view, etc.), what amenities are included (meal tickets, complimentary cocktail hours) and how you want to spend your time on deck and off the ship. We all know cruises are well known for amazing food and cocktails, but they've certainly come a long way in forms of entertainment to keep up with your active lifestyle while on board. See a show, go rock climbing, see a musical and try unique cuisine from around the world all in one day, but with these cruises there is no rush, you've got a whole week to enjoy!

Best Cruise For Relaxing - The Royal Caribbean Cruise  "Allure of the Seas"

This tour of the Caribbean Islands departs from Ft. Lauderdale and embarks on an amazing trip to Labad, Falmouth and Cozumel while leaving 3 days at sea to enjoy the pleasures on board the ship While charting the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and into the Gulf of Mexico, you can be sure to enjoy luxury suites, assorted dining venues of all scales and multiple theaters, pools and more to keep you entertained.

Royal Caribbean has been a trusted name in cruises for many years and has certainly worked to perfect the art of hitting the open sea in style. Deals start at $749* for the week and let you customize your trip with custom packages for any budget. This is easily one of the best cruise deals for summer 2013!

Best Cruise For Seeing Awesome Things - The Golden Princess Cruise to Alaska

Taking a cruise to Alaska may not seem enticing at first because we picture frigid temperatures, vast open spaces or just simply a lot of ice. These are the stereotypical pictures we visualize, but it is so much more. Ask anyone who has taken an Alaskan cruise if they'd do it again and the answer is always an instant yes! You will see breathtaking mountains, crystal blue skies and wildlife. This is certainly the opposite of the Vegas strip and offers a great family experience or couple's retreat for an amazing and certainly relaxing week away.

The Princess Cruise's Golden Princess offers a great deal on a 7 Night Alaska Cruise round trip from  Seattle starting at $899* with available on board credits and perks.

Best Cost for A Week Escape - Norwegian Cruise Line to Bermuda

Cruise Ship in the Ocean Best Cruise Deals for Summer 2013!

Norwegian has certainly developed a name for itself amongst reliable luxury liners hitting the seas and this deal is certainly one that caught our eye. Who doesn't love the Bahamas? It's a frequented tourist destination for many of our friends and family and a quick and cost-effective escape for the week. Norwegian, and many other Cruise Ships offer amazing deals to those who plan, but more importantly to those who ask. By double checking online, calling a travel agent and contacting the Cruise Line directly you can compare deals and often they will work with you to leverage a better price to ensure your business.

Prices begin at $639* for the 7-Day trip to Bermuda, Round-Trip from Boston.

Now that your wheels (or propellers) are turning, where do you plan to take your next vacation?

*Prices mentioned are subject to change, do not include sales tax or any other fee such as airfare, seasonal price fluctuation and more. This is a mere estimate from online retailers and are at the discretion of the company providing the services to change the offer and specials without notice.

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