Craft Paper, Scissors and Glue Best DIY Crafts for Moms

Summer is a great time to spend time

with your children, but chances are by this point of summer you're hot, exhausted and awaiting their return to school in the coming weeks. Hey, I don't blame you. Summer is an amazing time of year, but the dog days of July and August can drag in all the humidity! No worries though! We're here with some Fun

DIY Crafts for Moms (and Dads!) to keep the days going by and the boredom at bay! These easy crafts are fun for children of all ages and are very reasonable. You may actually have these items at home already! There's nothing worse than logging on to Pinterest to find these amazing DIY projects that take a lot of money and a lot of time and likely to lead you to feel like yours looks little like photo featured!

Fun DIY Crafts for Moms - Sailboat Magic!

Summer Fun Sailboats Best DIY Crafts for Moms! Idea and Image courtesy of

Idea courtesy of


Plastic Lid (from plastic container, cups, etc)

Popsicle Sticks

Craft Paper

Scissors & Glue

How To: 

Take the scissors and cut a small hole in the center of the plastic container lid and insert the popsicle stick! Piece of cake right? The construction paper is to make the decorative nautical flags which you stick to the "mast" of the popsicle ship! This is your ship! This buoyant and creative ship can float around the pool, bathtub or down a handmade ramp you make in the back yard for racing!

Fun DIY Crafts for Moms - Make Your Own Rock Soap!

Kids Holding Homemade Rock Soap Best DIY Crafts for Moms! Idea courtesy of!

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Ok, so this one is a little bit of cheating, but is super fun and a great way to make memories with your kids.


Ivory Soap Bars - each bar cut into 4 pieces!

How To:

Cut the bar of soap into 4 pieces and place 1 of the pieces in the microwave. Make sure NOT to put the whole bar into the microwave. Only put one piece of the bar in at a time. Bad idea!!! Set the microwave for 3 minutes and watch the magic happen! The soap grows and expands! Soon you will see an amazing white rock growing in your microwave! You can of course peal or break parts of this off to wash your hands which also is part of the fun!

Best DIY Crafts for Moms - Custom T-Shirts!

Custom DIY T-Shirts Best DIY Crafts for Mom. Idea courtesy of

Idea courtesy of


A cotton t-shirt you want to design

Clorox Bleach Pen

Wax Paper

How To:

Lay the shirt on a flat surface on top of newspaper (to protect the surface) and place the wax paper inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from running through. Shake the bleach pen well and then start designing your shirt! Wherever the bleach is applied, it will remove the color so you may want to draw your design in pencil or chalk prior to trying this out. You can't take it back once applied.  Allow the bleach to dry fully and then wash the t-shirt separately from everything else. Ta da!