We have made the conscious decision to shift our manufacturing process to one that’s more eco-friendly and sustainable. In today’s post, we’re diving into all the details of our new process and sharing a recent trip down to the beautiful country of Colombia to visit our factories. Check it out and learn why sustainable manufacturing matters!

Better for business and better for the environment.

In 2021, we decided to make a shift in how we manufacture our products. We knew we wanted to make smaller batches of each collection so that we had the ability to release new collections, styles and products more regularly for our HAPARI customers.

We also wanted to find a way to create incredibly high-quality products that are made sustainably. Finding manufacturing partners that could fulfill these requirements was certainly a challenge; however, we found exactly what we were looking for in the beautiful, lush country of Colombia. Our HAPARI leadership team has been in Colombia the last few weeks checking in on our new partner factories.

tall buildings in Columbia

“We consciously decided to shift our manufacturing process to one that aligns with a healthy future for our planet,” shared owner Tasha Carson. “It’s important to us and to our customers that we make business decisions that reflect this. We believe our efforts, and these changes specifically, will make a difference in the weeks, months and years to come.”

Our swimwear is now made from high-quality eco-polyester fabric blend that is made from recycled plastic water bottles. An estimated 10 billion recycled water bottles have been repurposed worldwide and kept out of the waste stream using this manufacturing process.

In addition, we have moved to waterless printing for our fabrics. Unlike traditional printing methods, this manufacturing process saves gallons of fresh water in every yard of fabric, making it more sustainable and beneficial to the environment. We’re incredibly excited our company can help contribute to a healthier planet.

Another benefit of this new process? Incredibly soft, luxurious fabric. The fabric from our new 2022 collections is the softest fabric we’ve ever had. It feels like butter. We can’t wait for you to feel it! We know you’re going to love it. 

HAPARI Sustainable fabric 2022

HAPARI high-neck tankini

We test, test, test our products for the highest quality performance.

While in Colombia visiting our factories, we tested our products rigorously to ensure high quality performance. We ensured sizing was consistent and accurate and we checked the strength of the stitches and performance of the elastics. We checked the linings, the thread, and the mesh by stretching the fabric to see if it would hold its shape. We washed the products, dried them, and then tested again.

We had models and real customers try samples and offer feedback on what they liked and what didn’t about the performance and quality of the products. We even tested our kids swimwear line and clothing collection by trying the items on our owner’s own 2-year-old (now that’s an intense test!)

The short of it is—at HAPARI, we pride ourselves on creating high quality products so it was paramount to us to ensure our products are made with this level of integrity. We loved being in-person in Colombia to make tweaks and adjustments quickly with our manufacturing partners.

HAPARI factory in Columbia

Finding a partner with shared values.

Another great fact about our manufacturing partner? They align with our company values! Looking back to our beginnings, HAPARI was founded in 2004 by moms who took issue with what the swimsuit industry was offering. Fast forward to today, our factories economically empower women in Colombia—they make it a point to hire single moms and women who are the bread-winners for their families. These women are talented seamstresses who support their families and children with their livelihood. Our partners make that happen; they’re truly changing lives because of it! How amazing is that?

Their employees are offered competitive wages, fair and just working conditions like standardized work hours, clean facilities, generous holidays and paid time off. We’re incredibly proud to be partnering with a company that not only provides us with the highest quality of swimwear but also aligns with our values and mission.

Cityscape in Columbia

Mural in Columbia

Custom designs by artists from around the world.

Along with updating our manufacturing process, we’re also elevating our collection prints and designs. We’ve commissioned renowned creative designers from around the world to create custom prints and designs for each of our 2022 collections.

For our most recent 2022 collection, we hired designers from Spain and Australia to create our prints — Vogue, Cheval, and Sur — which feature an array of floral, tropical, and geometric shapes and patterns. This means our prints are exclusive to HAPARI, so you won’t have to worry about looking like everyone else on the beach.

New HAPARI Swimwear collection for 2022

HAPARI sustainable swimsuits for 2022

New collection drops are coming!

Now that you know about our manufacturing process, we’re excited to announce additional collection drops for our women’s swimwear line, junior line, and kids collection in early March. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the updates!

Now when you buy from HAPARI, you will know your purchase is contributing to a more eco-friendly and sustainable world. It’s the same great styles and products you love from HAPARI but even better because they’re manufactured in a way that is healthy for our planet.

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