Finding the perfect fitting swimwear can be a challenge. We totally get it! That’s why we created our line of adjustable, customizable swimwear pieces so your HAPARI suit fits exactly the way you want. Today, we’re featuring our favorite adjustable swimwear styles. From drawstring tankini tops and swimdresses to removable straps on bandeau tops, our collection of adjustable swimsuit tops is the best of the best.

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Drawstrings for Stunning Silhouettes

Our mission at HAPARI is to create beautiful swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. As women, we may feel discouraged and intimidated when shopping for swimwear. It can be stressful; but, it doesn't have to be. At HAPARI, we’re revolutionizing how swimwear makes women feel. Our suits are designed with high-quality fabrics and built-in technology features to make women feel beautiful.

Our adjustable drawstring swimsuit items are the perfect example of form and function. These swim items - like the Seaside Tankini Top and Swimdress and the Drawstring Swim Skirt - feature adjustable drawstring side panels to create the perfect individualized look. Pull the drawstrings tighter to create more ruching in the suit; helping create a smooth flat silhouette in typical trouble areas like the stomach, hips, and thighs. Extend the drawstrings to wear the suit as a long tankini top or swim dress. For women with longer torsos, or women who just want a fuller coverage swimsuit, adjustable drawstring features provide the perfect solution.

Say Goodbye to Tan Lines with Adjustable Bandeau Tops

Sunbathings and tan lines go together like peanut butter and jelly. Wearing a swimsuit used to mean inevitable tan lines on the shoulders that lasted for weeks. With our adjustable strap bandeau tankini top, you can kiss those stubborn tan lines good bye not to mention they make for a great long torso tankini top for taller women!

This tankini top features removable straps so the top can be worn strapless like a bandeau or it can be worn with straps for added support and coverage. The straps can also be worn three different ways - tank style, crossed in the back, or as a halter. With an extra wide top band the top stays securely in place, you’ll never have to worry about slipping or bunching. The Bandeau Tankini Top comes in a variety of patterns and designs. From floral patterns like Whitsunday to color swirls like Island Haze to a mix of both like the Mustique print (shown left to right), there’s a bandeau print you’re sure to love.

A New Swim Bottom for Everyone

While the typical high-cut bikini swim bottom works well for a lot of women, this standard shape bottom may not be the best fit for all body types. For women who hold weight in the lower half of their body or for women with stretch marks on the hips and thighs, this swim bottom shape might not be the best choice. According to a study by More, nearly 90% of pregnant women get stretch marks, and 70% of women who aren’t pregnant get them. That’s the majority of women! At HAPARI, we saw a need for alternate options for swim bottoms; and thus, we created the Drawstring Swim Skirt!

The Drawstring Swim Skirt can be worn several different ways; as a full-length swim skirt, as a short swim skirt, or ruched up like bikini-style swim bottoms. Simply adjust the side drawstrings to create a personalized fit to your specific body. The skirt bottoms feature a soft elastic band at the waist to help swimwear stay put without losing shape during active beach days.

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