At Hapari, we work hard to make sure you feel beautiful and confident in your swimsuit. There’s no need to feel insecure when you should be having fun, and we channel our love and respect of women into the swimwear we make—and that’s why women everywhere are spreading the word about our tankinis and suits. We believe a swimsuit should be comfortable, fashionable and flattering, which is why we’ve seen such success as a business.

Over the past few years, Hapari Swimwear has seen an unprecedented amount of growth, and through it all, we remain committed to our vision and mission. Last year, we expanded into the wholesale market, making our modest swimwear available in select boutiques, surf stores, spas, resorts and water parks in California, Texas, Idaho, Arizona, Utah and Canada. In addition to our online business and storefront location located in American Fork, Utah, our wholesale market helps us reach a wider audience of women who are dissatisfied with the shoddily made and unflattering swimsuits that are too frequently being made today.

With our expansion into the wholesale market, we’ve noticed a marked growth in sales numbers, and now our products are worn in 58 countries across the globe. We have experienced a 137% growth simply through online sales, and we are grateful for the word of mouth that has helped make that possible.

We stand behind our products, and we will continue to provide the quality swimwear that our customers have come to expect and appreciate. From our ‘ Tummy Tuk’ bottoms to our tankinis that allow for personalization with the straps, we know what features enhance a woman’s shape. We listen to suggestions and we are constantly thinking of new ways that we can help everyday women feel more confident in their swimsuit.

A swimsuit should be just as functional as it is flattering, and we get that. We make sure that our quality materials, fun patterns and low prices give you the best swimsuit you can get. We have many great things in store for the upcoming year, so make sure you keep coming back to for the latest in styles and features.