Cast Member of Survivor Wearing Hapari Swimwear New cast member of Survivor shows off Hapari Swimsuit while in pursuit of the big win!

The new cast of 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' has been revealed and we've got the scoop on our favorite member of the team! This team member will take the cake this season for sure! Are you ready for the insider scoop? We're talking about our Hibiscus Dream V-Neck Tankini of course! Featured in the cast introductions, team member Laura Boneham smiles big with high hopes of her and her  husband Rupert making it to the finale. She looks absolutely gorgeous in Hapari Swimwear! This is quite a good selection for her adventure as Hapari Swimwear is designed for leading active lifestyles. Although being stranded on a desert island for 30+ days without any amenities is not exactly what we had in mind when we designed the suit,

 it will surely give her great style and support while she is earning her place in the spotlight! Laura has us even more pumped than before to see this season! Some of the things we love about her V-Neck Tankini is that it offers great coverage while maintaining an alluring neckline and silhouette. Form & function are ideal in pretty much any situation for a woman!

New Cast Member of Survivor: How Do They Do It?

Cast Member of Survivor Wearing Hapari Swimwear in Hibiscus Dream V-Neck Tankini Hapari Swimwear | Hibiscus Dream V-Neck Tankini

This is the first time on the show for Laura, but not for her husband Rupert. Let's get to know them a little better. :)


Rupert Boneham Previous Seasons:  Survivor: Pearl Islands – 2nd jury member; Survivor: All Stars – 6th jury member, won $1 million for fan favorite; Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – 7th jury member Age: 49

Laura Boneham Occupation: Merchandiser Age: 44

Although these are mere stats, their personal lives and their marriage are fruitful as well and you can tell by seeing them together, it's obvious they have the best formula for long lasting success on and off the network.

New Cast Member of Survivor: Why They Work So Well...

This being the 13th season for the Survivor reality TV series, we wonder how they can keep coming up with amazing ideas that keep us glued to the TV weekly. Simple. Once you've got the formula for success, the ingredients fall into place and you know how to repeat the magic every year. This reminds of us a swimwear company we know. ;) Knowing what works and what doesn't is the key to being the best at anything you set your mind to whether it be winning a million dollars on a reality show, designing swimwear or managing your daily life with kids and family. Once you discover the magic formula there is no stopping you from achieving whatever goal you have in mind.

Cast of Survivor 13th Season

Entertainment Weekly features new cast and new surprises for the 13th season of Survivor!

We wish Laura & Rupert Boneham the best of luck this season and will be looking forward to see you really put our swimwear to the ultimate test!

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