Fashion is constantly changing, and women’s swimwear has been swimming to catch up. In about one hundred years, swimsuits have changed from full-coverage gowns that revealed very little to the string bikini that is so popular today. Many of these changes were simply results of the times, but no one can deny that popular television had a lot to do with the changing swimwear styles. Hollywood bombshells often led the newest trends, and many still do today. Throughout time though, one thing is still true: our swimsuit fashion would not be where it is at today without all the different swimwear styles throughout history.

Woman's Swimwear Fashion Over the Decades - Infographic

Because there have been so many different swimwear styles throughout history, it is easy to find a style that fits your tastes today. Consumers have a full range of one-piece suits, tankinis, bikinis and more to help them show off their bodies to the best advantage. Women’s swimwear today is both fashionable and functional, “suited” to all the different body types out there. History has brought us to where we are today, and today’s styles are surely leading the wave for the future.