Silicone Breast Enhancers

Our silicone breast enhancers are secret inserts that increase the size of the breasts. These silicone gels are inserted inside the bra pad pockets in your tankini or bikini, and provide lift and volume. Those who want to increase the size of their bust without having surgery can use HAPARI’s “Illusions”.  Check out our different styles of “Illusions” for the perfect look and comfort.

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Half Illusions Silicone Breast Inserts

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Trust the Advantages of HAPARI “Illusions”

At HAPARI, we take great pride in providing outstanding quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. We have carefully crafted our silicone breast enhancers to guarantee optimal comfort, longevity, and functionality. All HAPARI products are made to the highest possible standards.

Features of Our Silicone Breast Enhancer 

High-quality Silicone: Our breast enhancers are made of high-quality silicone and have a lifelike appearance and feel. Our breast enhancers offer a discrete and comfortable fit with their smooth contours that imitate the natural shape of breast tissue.