Although the official first day of Summer isn’t until June 21, for many of us, Memorial Day signifies the kickoff of the summer season. And, I don’t know about where you live, but it was a sizzling hot weekend for my family and me!

To celebrate the changing season and to combat the inevitable “I’m bored” complaints from the minis, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Fun + Easy Summer Activities you can do with your friends and family this summer. In fact, most of the items on our list are either free or very inexpensive, and they are all things you could do in most cities across the country. So, relax, sit back and enjoy these fun summer activities we’ve already planned for you!

Barbecue Lovin’

One of the best parts about summer is time spent outside with family and friends. Why not host a barbecue to kick off the beginning of summer? If you live in a beach town, consider having a barbecue at the beach or start it at dusk and host a bonfire. For those of us unfortunate souls that live far from the beach, local parks or even your own backyard are great places to gather and celebrate outside. And, to make things affordable for everyone, send out food assignments.

Families Gathering for a Backyard Barbecue

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Hike’s Galore

Connecting with nature and exploring the great outdoors is something you can do no matter where you are. Find a local trail or explore your state’s famous natural climate. Make it a family affair and bring your minis and pups along for quality bonding and a great workout.

Teenagers hiking through a Rocky Stream

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Spend a Day At The Pool

This is what the kiddos have been screaming about all year! It’s time to give in to the pressure, plan a pool day with the kids. Invite some of your friends (for your own sanity) and/or invite some of their friends to entertain them. These types of activities create lifelong memories and are very affordable - most pool entry fees are $5 or less. Plus is the perfect way to show off your newly purchased Hapari swimsuit!

Family spending the day at a pool

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Road Trips + Camping

Summer is practically synonymous with road trips and camping. Plan a quick getaway one weekend; going somewhere even a few hours away can rejuvenate your energy level and create new environments for your family to experience. Bring a tent, sleeping bags and become "at one with nature." Check out this previous Hapari post on Top 5 Road Trip Games to entertain the family on the drive.

Young family camping on a road trip

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Visit An Amusement Park / Carnival

Most big cities have local amusement parks. Plan a fun day at the park! While this will probably be more expensive than some other activities, going once this summer might be worth the price. And, often if you plan it right, you can get coupons from local businesses or get two-for-one admission days. If your city doesn’t have an amusement park, most likely there are carnivals held by the county offices — go to one of these. Let the minis eat their share of cotton candy, win a stuffed toy, and take a ride on the ferris wheel. These are memories they’ll cherish forever!

Kids visiting an amusement park on carnival ride

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Star Gaze + Backyard Sleepover

For us suburbanites with backyards, let the kids stay up late and star gaze in the backyard. If it’s safe, why not let them sleep outside? I loved doing this when I was a kid! Consider inviting their friends over and boom … instant (and cheap) party!

Two boys in a tent for backyard sleepover

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Play A Round Of Mini Golf

Something everyone must do once. Personally, mini golf isn’t my favorite thing to do (mostly because I’m terrible) but it’s definitely a once-a-year summer activity. Find coupons around the community or check the schedule - on weeknights, many mini golf places offer couples or family night discounts.

Family playing a round of miniature golf

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Take In A Movie At The Drive-In

Love these! Find your local drive in movie theater or even attend a local movie-in-the-park event. My state even offers ‘Movie Nights at the Capitol,’ where you can go sit on the State Capitol Lawn and enjoy a free musical performance and movie. It’s a great time! And a good way to connect with community. If you’re a drive-in movie kind of gal, enjoy leisure seats in your car or bring a blanket and watch outside.

Crowd watches a movie at the Drive-In

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Visit The Lake / Beach

Plan a day at your local lake or beach (if you’re lucky enough to live by one.) I suggest doing a fun water activity you’ve never done before. What about snorkeling? Or paddle boarding? Or boating? Don’t have the equipment? Try learning how to body surf! It’s easier than it sounds and is a ton of fun!

Two people paddle boarding on the lake

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Tackle a Home Improvement Project

That’s right, summer can’t be all fun and games, right?! ;) Summer is the perfect time to tackle one of the many home improvement or DIY projects you’ve had on your to-do list for months. Be honest, you probably have enough ideas on your Pinterest board to give an A-type-personality a heart attack. Pick one and get it done! Maybe this is the year you want to try that home garden? Or need to re-tile the bathroom? Maybe your fence needs a new paint job? Pick a day and make it a family affair. It will teach your kids life skills and the value of hard work. Two pluses in my book!

Dad and kids painting a fence

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Let us know your thoughts and if you have other summer activities we can share with our Hapari community!