Back to School Styles

It’s officially mid-August and that means the kiddos are getting ready to start another school year. And so, today’s post features a quick and easy back to school style guide for back-to-school shopping. We hope our style guide makes buying school clothes a tad easier — if you have teenagers, you know school shopping can be a nightmare. And with everything else you need to do to get the kids ready (ahem, school supplies, teacher meetings, snacks/lunches, etc), having a quick style guide of what to buy and not to buy can make a world of difference.

Hapari's Back To School Style Guide

Basic tees, tanks and v-necks

Solid, quality basics are one of the best things to stock up on for back-to-school. Think layering tees, simple cardigans and sweaters. Try buying a few tees in solid colors and/or on-trend prints. Having nice basics that transition from summer to fall to winter means clothes last longer and you get more for your money. A cardigan, sweater and solid pair of jeans can be worn year round. Try to avoid going to ‘trendy’ on basics. Basics should be solid or classic prints that can hold up through many fashion cycles.

Trendy Items for Kids

Trendy Items

We mention trendy items right after basics on purpose. Trendy items are usually the stuff your kids are going to want much more than solid basics, but they’ll end up not wearing the pieces as long. As soon as the fashion trends switch (every 3-4 months with the seasons), the trendy stuff will be shoved to the back of a drawer. I like to mix classics and basics with one or two ‘on-trend’ items. Think items like pleather leggings, one-piece jumpsuits, or the latest must-have shoe. Getting one or two of your kids favorite on-trend items will appease their need for the latest fashion while still focusing your shopping on lasting items like basics.

Mix and Match perfection

Mix and Match

The best thing about kids style is that anything goes! (well, almost anything.) Get your basics and on-trend items and let your kids try making 5 different outfits with the same 3 pieces. How many different ways can you style a tee, pant, cardigan, skirt and sweater? Have fun and challenge your kiddos to get creative. It will help them learn about being frugal and using fashion to express themselves.

Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds

One of my favorite things to do is to mix current fashions with vintage pieces. This is also helpful for younger kids. It teaches them to appreciate different time periods and fashions. I mean thank goodness Justin Bieber wasn’t always the ‘it’ star, am I right?! And your kids need to know that too. Help them learn about how different eras meant different ways of dressing. Plus thrift stores have major bang for the buck. Try adding a few pieces of vintage to their back to school shopping - with solid basics, a few on-trend items and vintage pieces, your kids will not only look great they might be the most stylish kiddo in the school!

Kid doing dishes as chores for money

Earn It Baby!

Okay, this last section is bringing it back to how my parents raised me. If you want something badly enough, you’ll have to earn it. Say your mini is asking — no,  begging — for the latest trendy-it-item, like a really expensive pair of pants or the coolest new shoes. If she/he wants that certain brand and style of pant so badly, have her/him work for it. Maybe it’s additional chores around the house or yard work for neighbors. They’ll learn the value of money and hard work!

Good luck sending your kiddos back to school! We hope our style guide can give you a little guidance or serve as a place to start while clothes shopping for back-to-school.

Let us know if you have other style/buying tips we can share with our Hapari fans!

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