HAPARI 2016 Tankini Tops

February is coming to a close and spring is JUST around the corner! So we're rounding out the month of love with one of the things we love the most, our 2016 Tankini Tops, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too! Designed using the signature quality you’ve come to love and expect from HAPARI, our 2016 line of tankini tops are the creme de la creme of swimwear. With new designs and prints like the colorful Islamorada and the blue tropical lush of the Bloomburst print, our tankinis combine quality and style.

Looking for a suit in a particular color palette? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’d prefer a suit in a particular color because it compliments your skin tone or if you’re envisioning the perfect suit in the perfect color, we’ve made shopping by color palette easy.

Check out the new 2016 Tankini Tops sorted by color for easy viewing below!

Feminine Pinks + Purples

Ready to rock a feminine swimsuit that’s every girl’s pink and purple dream? We’ve got quite a few options for you to choose from, like the Islamorada, Belize, Hamilton, and Mustique prints, all available in your favorite tankini top styles!Check ‘em out!

HAPARI Tankinis for 2016 in Feminine Pinks & Purples

(left to right: Islamorada, Belize, Hamilton, and Mustique)

Bright + Bold Blues

Are blue tones more your thing? Our designs featuring blue bases are some of our favorites; in fact, did you know blue tones are complimentary to almost every skin tone?! Yep, you can’t go wrong with picking one of these bright and bold blue swimmies! Our new 2016 blue-inspired designs include the Maldives, Bloomburst, and Riviera. Check it out!

HAPARI Tankinis for 2016 in Bright & Bold Blues

(Left to Right: Maldives, Bloomburst, Riviera)

Ravishing Reds

Our last color category is the bold, energetic, and confident red! If you’re ready to stand out at the pool and beach this year, our swimsuit designs using red bases - like the Flower Candy and Monaco designs - are the perfect choice! From floral designs using classic hibiscus flowers in the Flower Candy suit to a modern take on floral designs in the Monaco suit, we have ravishing red suits perfect for your spring getaway!

HAPARI Tankinis for 2016 in Ravishing Reds

(Left to Right: Flower Candy and Monaco)

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