If you think you need to give up style to be able to move, or that participating in a beach volleyball tournament means that your swimsuit has to be frumpy, think again. You don’t have to choose between looking cute and breaking a sweat. Believe it or not, your swimwear can help you look cute by the pool and give you the freedom to get going when you need to.

Here are three tips to help you be fabulous and feel fabulous in your swimwear, no matter what you’re doing:

1. Get swimwear that fits you

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Sport Tankini Top and Regular Bottoms

Too much of the time, women assume that in order to be attractive they have to follow whatever the latest trends in fashion are, even if those trends don’t work with their body or their active lifestyle. Here at Hapari, we want to help put an end to this myth. Looking good in swimwear is all about finding what works for you. Hapari makes suits that incorporate the latest styles and colors into swimwear that is actually designed for real women who move. When you find a suit that fits your body and your personality, you exude confidence that’s extremely attractive.

2. Go for extra coverage where you need it

If you know you’re going to be participating in extreme sports, it may not be the best time to try out a suit that doesn’t give you the coverage you need. Hapari’s sport tankinis, for example, are made to be slightly longer so that you don’t have to worry about showing too much when you’re diving in headfirst. If you prefer a bikini, ours are designed to give you all the support and security you need. Hapari’s suits move with your body to keep you covered all day long. The word “coverage” doesn’t mean “old-fashioned,” however. With all the colorful styles and prints available, you’ll never feel anything but beautiful in or out of the water.

3. Accessorize your look

If you really want to make an entrance at the beach, make sure to accessorize your suit for the right look. Nothing can make you feel more attractive than wearing a pretty cover-up and a great pair of sandals to make your big debut. When it’s time to hit the court or make a splash, you’ll be ready knowing that you have what it takes to play hard and look great.

What are some of your tips for being both athletic and attractive?

Written by Amy Carson.

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