PEEPS! You either love them or love-to-hate them, but there’s no denying these fluffy treats are an Easter staple. They’re available year-round, but in the Spring months, the infamous mallows are overflowing the grocery aisles. You've put them in the microwave to watch them expand but have you used them to decorate with Peeps for Easter?

While you’re little ones may love the taste, many adult palettes find the enormous amount of sugar in these babies a tad overwhelming. In fact (not to rain on the Peep parade), Shape magazine reported, “One serving of Peeps is five chick-shaped pieces, each containing 28 calories. This may not seem like a lot, but almost all of these calories come from sugar (one Peep has 7.2 grams of carbs, 6.8 of which are sugar), meaning they’re as empty as it gets.”

So, how can you bring the wonder of Peeps into your home this Spring without actually eating the little guys? We’ve got Three DIY Peep Designs to decorate for Easter!

1) Floral Centerpiece Peeps

Spruce up your Easter Sunday centerpieces with these floral-inspired Peeps!

Floral Centerpiece with Peeps

(Image via


  • vase
  • 1 bag of jelly beans
  • 1-2 packages of Peeps
  • tulips

*Make sure the vase you find is large enough to hold the tulip pot and candy decor.

Directions: Pour the bag of jelly beans into the vase. Sift through and make sure the beans are level and create an even surface. Place a row of Peeps on one side of the vase. Then, put the tulip pot inside the vase. Make sure the pot is snug against the first row of peeps and in the direct center of the vase. Then add additional rows of Peeps to the remaining three sides of the vase.

2) Peep Wreaths

Create a tasty pop of color for your front door with these Peep wreaths!

Peep Wreath

(Image via


  • 10” straw wreath
  • 9 packages of Peeps
  • toothpicks
  • 8” ribbon

*You may want to purchase additional packages of peeps to add volume to the wreath.

Directions: Unwrap all packaging and lay out wreath, peeps and toothpicks. Grab a toothpick and stick it through the middle of one Peep. Push the impaled Peep (and toothpick) into the straw wreath. Continue doing this until the wreath is full of Peeps. You can create a pattern with the Peeps (as shown above) or you can randomly align and place them for a messy look. Finally, tie a long piece of ribbon into a bow and use a toothpick to secure in the center of the wreath.

3) Blooming Peeps

Bring your Peeps indoors or outdoors (and everywhere!) with blooming Peep decor!

Blooming Peeps in a felt vase

(Image via


  • Easter basket
  • 3 packages of Peeps
  • 1 large styrofoam circle
  • 1 small styrofoam circle
  • 1 dowel stick
  • 1 package of fake grass
  • toothpicks or hot glue gun/hot glue

Directions: Lay out the large styrofoam circle and unwrap one of the packages of Peeps. Use the toothpicks (in the same manner as the design above) to place the entire package of Peeps, still attached to each other, to the styrofoam circle. Alternatively, you may use a hot glue machine to glue on the Peeps. Next, separate the second pack of Peeps and fill in open spots with the individual Peeps. Secure the dowel stick to the now-covered large styrofoam circle. Place the small styrofoam circle into the Easter basket. Finally, secure the other end of the dowel stick into the small styrofoam circle. Lastly, add fake grass to the top of the Easter basket!

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