With the arrival of the beautiful Spring weather, it’s time to start thinking about what plants to add to your garden, yard, or indoor space. To make it easy for you, we’ve curated a list of the 5 best flowers to plant for Spring. These are all great plants ideal for Spring time weather. And, they’re low maintenance and easy to keep alive.

Check out the list below and add some bright beautiful flowers to your life today!

4. Succulents


Photo by Tharatip Sukee from Pexels

  • What is it? Succulents are drought-resistant plants that, due to their resilient nature and little care required, are ideal for people who don’t have a “green thumb”. Succulents thrive in a variety of locations or climates and are great as either an indoor house plant or planted outside in a garden.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is this to maintain and keep alive? 9; Succulents are extremely easy to keep alive. Minimal watering a few times a week and plenty of sunlight are generally all that’s required.
  • Perennial or Annual? There are both perennial and annual types of succulents. Be sure to check the label before purchasing and get the one you need.
  • Tips:
    • Less is more. Over watering is one of the main causes of death.
    • Succulents thrive in sunlight; make sure they get enough light.
    • Water only when the soil is completely dry.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Photo by Владимир Гладков from Pexels

  • What is it? The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular plant known for its big, wide leaves and tall height. The plan is native to tropical Cameroon in Africa and therefore thrives in a hot, humid environment.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is this to maintain and keep alive? 5; The Fiddle Leaf Fig can be finicky to maintain; too much water, not enough water, too much sunlight, not enough sunlight, and too dry of a space can all be killers of this plant.
  • Perennial or Annual? Perennials. However; most commonly the plant is an indoor house plant.
  • Tips:
    • Add a humidifier near or around The Fiddle Leaf Fig to help it thrive.
    • If the plant is looking bad, chop off the top to help the plant revive itself and sprout new leaves.
    • Fiddle Leaf Figs need bright sunlight. They do not like drafts so be sure to keep them protected from wind or remove from underneath fans.

2. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Plant

Photo by Cintia Siqueira from Pexels

  • What is it? The Aloe Vera plant is a type of succulent. The plant has thick, green fleshy leaves that fan out from the plant’s central stem. The leaves of the plant contain aloe vera gel which can be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Note the gel is not safe to ingest.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is this to maintain and keep alive? 7; The Aloe Vera plant is relatively easy to take care of since it’s part of the succulent family. However, watering the plant can be a bit tricky. Aloe Vera plant soil should feel moist after watering but should be allowed to mostly dry out before watering again.
  • Perennial or Annual? Perennials. However; most commonly the plant is an indoor house plant.
  • Tips:
    • Aloe Vera plants like bright indirect sunlight.
    • Gently pull off dying leaves.
    • Water deeply but let the soil dry almost completely before watering again.

1. Hostas

Hostas Plant

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

  • What is it? Hostas are a green, leafy plant often used for ground cover. They’re almost tropical looking with large leaves and tall flowering petals.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how easy is this to maintain and keep alive? 8; Hostas are known for their sturdiness and their tolerance of shade. Once planted, Hostas are rugged and can thrive in relatively moderate conditions that other plants likely could not withstand.
  • Perennial or Annual? Perennial.
  • Tips:
    • Hostas are shade tolerant not shade-loving. They need a few hours of bright sunlight per day.
    • A good rule of thumb for hostas is the lighter the foliage, the brighter the sun. The deeper/darker the foliage, the less sun required (it will do better in moderate shade).
    • Hostas are fairly rugged; once planted they typically grow for years regularly.

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