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Hello HAPARI community! We’re halfway through summer (can you believe it?!) and there’s no sign of the heat wave slowing down any time soon. Today, we’re sharing four Summer Hairstyles On-Trend Right Now. These styles all feature unique ways to keep the hair off your neck and help you stay cool in the sun. From ponytails to braids and buns, we’ve got you covered with the coolest new hairstyles to try throughout the end of summer!

Read About Our Favorite Summer Hairstyles For 2016

Boxer-Style French Braids

One of the biggest hair trends to happen in recent years is the revival of the beloved french braid. I remember wearing two long french braids down my back in elementary school, and even back then I don’t think it was considered cool. Times are definitely changing though; not only are single french braids considered the ‘it’ hairstyle right now, but double french braids aka ‘boxer-style’ braids are even hotter. Celebrity style influencers like Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez are all rocking the braided hairdo.

To recreate the look below, part hair down the middle creating two separate sections. Start with one section at a time and carefully pull hair from the section into three distinct groupings - left, middle, and right - cross each piece under the prior one, making sure to alternate between the three sections. Consider clipping or securely fastening hair that’s not being used so it doesn’t get used accidentally. Once you’ve finished one side, repeat and start the other. Not only is the style fairly easy to recreate, it’s also a good style to do because it doesn’t require any styling tools, meaning your hair will get a break from the harsh heat.

Boxer Style French Braid Hairstyle 

Images: Tumblr

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HAPARI FIT Bra in Eclipse

Knotted Ponytails

The knotted ponytail is a relatively new hairstyle and one that hasn’t seen much traction in mainstream style until now. Stemming from the ever popular ‘top knot’ bun, the knotted ponytail is also an effortless, messy, chic do that is designed for on-the-go women. The key to creating this styles is the messier the better. Don’t feel pressured to make the ponytail look a certain way - there’s no right and no wrong with a messy chic style!

To try this hairstyle out, start by dividing the hair into two sections. Next, take each section and tie a knot into the hair. Repeat this process until you have a few knots in the ponytail. Secure with a rubber band. To create the messy look, carefully pull at the knots to make them loose and allow for a few strands of hair to fall out. Viola!

Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle 

Image: Black Evan Egloos

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HAPARI Fusion Slimming Tankini

Double Buns

Miley Cyrus made the double bun hair style a huge hit in recent years, and it’s just now starting to get traction in the general public. The look also fits with the resurgence of the 90s fashion trends like cropped tops, chokers, and denim jackets. This look can be done in a variety of different ways; as two high buns on the crown of the head, as two low buns at the base of the neck, or with just the top layer of hair keeping the rest down. Either way you decide to rock this style, you’ll be sure to be on trend through the summer!

To create this Miley/Princess Leia-inspired hairstyle, start by creating a distinct part down the center of the head. Pull each side into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Wrap the ponytail strand around the base of the ponytail to create a mini bun. Secure with elastic or bobby pins. For a messier look, pull at the base of the hair and the buns to create loose strands.

Double Buns Hairstyle 

Image: So Sue Me

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Distinct Side Parts Ponytails

Last but not least, a new hair trend for Summer (and Fall) 2016 is the distinct side part and ponytail. Just like the name implies, this hairstyle is created by forcing hair into a statement part on either side of the head and then combing the hair into a sleek ponytail. The resulting look is a sophisticated and on-trend look that can easily transition from office chic to nighttime modern.

To create this look, part hair with a severe side part. For ladies used to parting their hair a certain way due to cowlicks, this hairstyle can help “train” your hair to sit on the opposite side more naturally. It may be helpful to spray hair with water first to help it lay flat and make parting it easier. Carefully brush the large section of hair away from the part. Gather hair into a tight, sleek ponytail at the base of the neck.

Distinct Side Parts Ponytail Hairstyle

Image: Hair Part Theory

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