With the official start of Spring just a few weeks away, we’re getting closer to warmer weather and longer days. We’re also seeing new beauty trends emerging with the change of season. In today’s post, we’re sharing our favorite beauty trends from Spring Fashion week 2022. Check out the 90’s-inspired bright and colorful looks below!

1. Bright Lipstick

In recent years, we’ve seen lipstick shades in primarily nude and light colors. In 2022, we’re back to the bright, poppy lip colors. Classics like cherry red and bright pink are soaring back to popularity. Try this trend out by pairing minimal eye makeup, so your lip color can really stand out. Ready to try it? We love Mangrove from Mac Cosmetics for a hot, bright red or Schiap, a bright pink lipstick, from Nars.

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels


2. Statement Blush

If you’ve been on Instagram or Tik Tok lately, you’ve likely seen numerous beauty videos on how to apply blush in 2022. Gone are the days of placing blush on the apples of your cheeks. The new style is to blend blush along the cheekbone. In addition, we’re also seeing new statement colors emerge like coral, soft pink, and subtle reds. Give this new blush technique & color a try! Want more info on this new application style? We love the way this article by Birdie describes it.

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

3. Neon Eyeshadow 

Thanks to the popularity of the hit show Euphoria on HBO, and the resurgence of all things 90’s, bright, neon eye makeup is trending again. Whether it’s bright eyeshadow colors or sleek neon eyeliner, the makeup trends for 2022 are definitely more colorful. Try this trend by adding some color to your typical makeup routine. If you do a bold eye, opt for a neutral and natural lip color. Want to try this trend? Watch this tutorial on how to apply bright neon eyeliner.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

4. Hair Accessories 

Welcome back hair accessories! All of us Millennial and Gen X ladies remember these hairclips being all the rage in our teenage years. Well, the bright and colorful hair accessories—from headbands to butterfly clips to hair claws—are back in style. So, pull out your Lizzie McGuire-inspired hairstyles and give this new trend a try! If you’re looking for a more subtle option, try one in a muted color. We love these matte multicolored hair clips from Target! And, if you have a teenager, grab these mini butterfly clips also from Target!

Photo by Michelle Leman from Pexels

5. Face Glitter

We warned you that all things 90’s were coming back—including face glitter! If you’re like us, then sometime in your early tweens you were rolling face glitter all over your face. Well, that trend is officially back (kinda). This new take on glitter is less glitter-rolled-everywhere and more subtle placement of a small amount of sparkle. Like the picture below, Spring 2022 trends include placing a few pieces of glitter on the cheekbones or on the eyelids. We aren’t totally onboard with the new style but are open to giving it a shot. Do you like this trend? Let us know what you think!

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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