Ready to get out of the house? We’re right there with you. With the Coronavirus still in full swing and the 1-year mark of being in some version of quarantine coming up, we understand the restless feeling of wanting to just go somewhere to do something.

In today’s post we’re sharing covid-friendly getaway ideas to help you get out of the house this winter. Our first priority is safety, so all of these ideas follow CDC guidelines for staying safe during this global pandemic. Check out the ideas below for winter 2021!

5. Plan an RV/Camping Trip

Pack your bags, grab your kids, and head out on the open road in an RV. With ubiquitous internet access and unprecedented numbers of people working remotely, you won’t even have to take work off if you don’t want to. You can work wherever you are along your road trip. Look up local attractions in your area -- are you close to a national park or a coastal highway? Figure out where you want to go, then plan your stops and campgrounds accordingly. Be sure to check local covid-19 restrictions and quarantine guidelines at each place you stop. Whether you plan to sleep in the RV, stop at camping grounds, or find safe hotels along your route, an RV/camping trip is the perfect getaway to do during this covid-19 time because you can stay socially distanced from people and still get out of the house. This is the year to finally take that long RV-style road trip you’ve always wanted to do!

Road in the Mountains

Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels

4. Ski/Snowboarding Trip

Anything outdoors will be safer to do right now than indoors activities. While every activity has some level of risk to covid-19 exposure, skiing/snowboarding has less risk since it’s an outside activity and people are covered in snow gear from head-to-toe. If you live near a ski resort, plan a day to spend outside on the slopes. The time outdoors enjoying the fresh air will do wonders to combat quarantine sluggishness. If you’re not near a resort, plan a road trip to spend a few days at the nearest resort or do an alternative winter sport activity like sledding, ice-skating, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. As long as it’s outside and everyone is adequately covered to protect against the cold and the virus, you’ll be taking recommended precautions and be able to get out of the house for an adventure.

Girl Snowboarding

Photo by Xue Guangjian from Pexels

3. Hit up the Beach

Yes it's winter and yes it’s cold, but a beach getaway could be just the trip you need. Beach areas and coastal towns are generally okay to visit if you maintain proper social-distancing and wear your mask. Bundle up and take a walk along the beach or explore a nearby trail or hike. Even in the winter, most beach areas still have relatively mild temperatures. Our favorite places to visit in winter if you’re on the West Coast are coastal California, Oregon, and Washington. We love upstate New York and Maine for East Coasters, and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is always a good option. No matter where you end up going, make sure to be mindful of populated areas like restrooms, boardwalks, and piers. Be sure to follow local ordinances and safety precautions.

Beach Landscape

Photo by Enric Cruz López from Pexels

2. Book a Cozy Cabin

Embrace the coziness that comes with winter by booking a cabin. This is a great option for a getaway during covid because you’ll be able to keep your family socially-distanced and you’ll still be able to switch up your surroundings. Find a cabin that offers close proximity to outdoor activities like nearby trails for snowshoeing or snowmobiling. Or just let your family play in the snow -- building snow forts or having a snowball fight! When you’re done being outside, head indoors to play boardgames and drink hot cocoa. Changing up your environment for a few days will do wonders to boost everyone’s mood this winter.

Cozy Cabin in the Winter

Photo by Adriaan Greyling from Pexels

1. A Local Getaway to Explore Your City

Have you seen your city’s ‘must-see’ attraction? Yeah, we haven’t either. Too often when we live somewhere we don’t prioritize going to see the local sights, attractions, and monuments like we do when we visit a new place. We think we’ll always have time to do it so it’s not a priority. Since we’re still fighting off the coronavirus and flying somewhere new isn’t ideal, now is the perfect time to explore your own city and state. Find local outdoor monuments and attractions. Visit that obscure town that you’ve always wanted to see but it was too far away. Check out the parks in your town. Support the local small businesses. You can do all of this and stay safe by wearing a mask and socially-distancing. Date your city and get to know your local area!

Rock Formations at National Park

Image via Pixabay

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