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School’s almost out and summer is quickly approaching. Hooray! Are your kiddos as excited as mine to be out of school? These days they wake up bouncing out of bed with so much energy they can barely contain themselves. With so many exciting things coming up - summer vacations, pool days, hot weather - who can blame them? Before we bid adieu to this school year, it’s time to thank their teachers for the wonderful (and downright, miracle work) they did for my kids this year. To help you get thank your kid’s teacher, we’ve created a list of 5 unique and creative ways to show your gratitude.

5 Ways to Thank Your Kid’s Teacher This Year

Handwritten Thank-You Notes

A handwritten thank you note may seem frivolous in today’s tech-obsessed, instant-messaging, fast-paced society. Don’t underestimate how effective and meaningful a handwritten thank-you note is to someone. Take the time to write out how much your kid’s teacher helped, guided, mentored, and taught your little one. It will mean the world to your kid’s teacher! They’ll cherish the note for years to come; after all, most people are inspired to become teachers with the hopes of making an impact in the lives of young kids!

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Thoughtful, Small Gift Cards

Teachers love to be appreciated! Their job is harder than most; they’re notoriously overworked, and underpaid. It’s a tough job! Help make your kid’s teacher feel loved and appreciated at the end of this school year with a small gift card expressing your thanks. If you know they love Starbucks, a small gift card to Starbucks would be a perfect gift! Find out their favorite local restaurant or what they consider a “special treat” and gift them one to thank them.

gift cards to thank your teacher

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Classroom Supplies For Next Year

Want to do something that will make a positive impact on next year’s class? Thank your kid’s teacher by gifting him or her with classroom supplies for next year. Many times teachers end up using their own personal money to buy supplies for their classrooms because the school funding doesn’t adequately cover the needs of the class. By covering some of those costs yourself, you’re helping the incoming class have the supplies they need and creating one less thing the teacher has to worry about for next year.

classroom supplies for your teacher

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Teachers love reading. It’s a fact! Most teachers are lifelong learners and truly find the joy in continually learning about new topics and subjects. While they probably don’t love reading the same story books over and over to their classes, they do it because the kids love it. This year, give them a book they’ll love to read that’s just for them! Share your favorite book with them or get them a literary classic - you know of all people, they will appreciate it!

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Get Involved! Volunteer!

Last but not least, volunteer and get involved with your child’s school. Teachers are often managing 25-30 students in each classroom; they’re teaching academics, social skills, life skills while balancing the crazy amounts of energy your kids have. Spend time volunteering in the classroom! If you have a chance to help out on one of the last days of school, do it! They could use your help. If you don’t have a chance this year, plan to volunteer a few times next year. It’s a great way to express your gratitude!

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