A daily dose of morning caffeine can be just what a busy mom needs to get through the day. Recently, though, we’ve been hearing about coffee alternatives—drinks that either taste like coffee but don’t have caffeine or one that provides a caffeine boost without the intense coffee taste. Whether you’re simply bored with your morning cup of joe or you’re ready to ditch the jitters, it might be time to explore whether a coffee alternative could be for you. In today’s post, we’re exploring coffee alternatives and sharing our top five options. Check it out!

What is a coffee alternative?

A coffee alternative is a drink with the same properties as coffee—warm and frothy, or iced if you prefer—but either has a better taste (ahem, coffee is an acquired taste after all) or it has reduced or no caffeine in it. The idea is that you can still maintain your morning ritual but swap in a better, sometimes healthier, drink.

But, why would someone want to swap out their morning cup of joe? Well, for many, coffee can be associated with anxiety, jitteriness, or afternoon fatigue. Others could be looking for ways to shake up their morning routine and reduce dependency on caffeine to function. And still others may choose to not drink coffee for religious or personal reasons. To each their own we say! So, now, let’s dive into the top five coffee alternatives.

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Five delicious coffee alternatives:

1. Lemon Water
First up, the healthiest alternative would be a water variant like fruit or veggie infused water. We love lemon water because it gives you a boost of vitamin C—perfect to help protect your immune system as we head into flu season and winter months. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps protect your skin and sun from damage and it’s essential for creating collagen. Regular consumption of lemon water can help in digestion, boost potassium levels, and prevent kidney stones. It’s a great elixir that also helps stabilize your mood—unlike caffeine which gives you a kick for a few hours and then a midday slump. Give this option a try!

2. Chicory Hot Drinks
Want an alternative to coffee that gives the same hot, frothy experience but without the caffeine? Then try chicory root. This coffee alternative is a rich source of a water-soluble fiber called “Inulin” and comes from a flower that belongs to the dandelion family. When extracted as a food additive or substitute and brewed into a drink, the result is a drink that has the same taste and color as coffee. Benefits from this drink include: improved gut health and digestion, controlled blood sugar levels, and supported weight loss. For a drink that’s very similar to coffee, but without the caffeine, give this Chicory option a try.

3. Golden Turmeric Milk

Gold milk is a drink made with turmeric root (or ground turmeric), milk. It is usually added as an ingredient to create a brewed hot drink, similar to tea. Common golden milk recipes call for ingredients like: ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cardamon, vanilla, and honey. Sounds delicious right? This super drink is linked to improved brain and memory function, reduced inflammation, and improved digestion issues. You can also make this into a latte drink by adding milk and frothing it. It’s a delicious and tasty drink with added health benefits! Give this one a try for a tasty—and healthy—alternative to coffee.

4. Matcha Green Tea
A drink you’re likely more familiar with is matcha green tea. This delicious green drink is a common alternative to coffee. It can be brewed any number of ways—into a tea, latte, iced or hot drink, smoothie, and even ice cream–just like coffee. So what is matcha tea exactly? It’s a type of green tea made by steaming, drying and grinding the leaves of the Camellia plant into a fine powder. It has a slightly bitter, vegetal taste and a vibrant green color that results from the leaves’ high chlorophyll levels. It’s been the cornerstone of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries, but it recently became popular in the US because of its health benefits. If you’re still hoping to get a caffeine boost in the morning, matcha green tea is a great option. It still has caffeine but not as much as coffee—Matcha green tea contains about 25 mg of caffeine versus a typical 150 mg cup of coffee. 

5. Chai Tea
Last but not least, chai tea is a personal favorite! This drink is great at all times of the day, but especially works as a coffee alternative in the morning. It’s made from black tea and strong herbs and spices, and typically has around 48 mg of caffeine in it. This hearty drink has been linked to improved heart health, reduced blood sugar levels, improved digestion, and increased weight loss. Add your preferred milk and froth it up for a comforting, delicious and warm drink to start your day. 

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