With most schools out on summer vacation, the weather heating up, and the days getting longer—it feels like summer is finally here! To celebrate our favorite season of the year (we are a swimwear brand afterall), we’re sharing our favorite summer-inspired smoothies. 

These recipes have us daydreaming about sitting poolside in a HAPARI suit, reading a book, and sipping a refreshing smoothie. Ah, doesn’t that sound nice? So, if you can’t escape the office or your kids for the day, transport yourself via a deliciously refreshing smoothie instead. Check out our 5 Delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipes to get started now!

Delicious Fruit Smoothie Recipes

  1. Summer in a Cup | All Recipes
    If you’re like me, you love a berry base for your smoothies. Something about a bright red smoothie just looks as appetizing as it tastes—especially on a hot summer afternoon. This smoothie recipe from All Recipes, is smartly named ‘Summer in a Cup’ and delivers just that. With a mix of bananas, raspberries, pomegranate and oranges, this smoothie captures the best flavors of the summer in one delicious drink. 

    Berry smoothie on a counter with fruit
  1. Best Green Smoothie Recipe | Simple Green Smoothies
    Looking for a smoothie that can also check some greens off your plate? This recipe from Simple Green Smoothies is just like its namesake says—it's the Best Green Smoothie! With a base made from leafy greens like spinach and kale, this smoothie is as good for you as it tastes. Add in frozen pineapple, mango, and bananas and you won’t be able to even taste the spinach and kale. If you want to add protein powder to it, this smoothie can even become a meal replacement. Try it and see if you like it!

    Green smoothie in a cup next to a plate of strawberries

  2. Apple, Carrot, and Beet Smoothie | Down Shiftology
    Are berry and green smoothies in your regular routine? Then up your smoothie game a level and try this out-of-the-box apple, carrot and beet smoothie recipe from DownShiftology. This bright purple smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients. The recipe calls for beets, ginger, carrots, oranges and apples to give it a satisfying and refreshing taste. This is a great drink to boost start your day or as an afternoon pick me up!

    Purple smoothie on a counter
  1. Sunny Citrus Smoothie | Whole Foods
    Created by the epicenter of all things healthy, the Sunny Citrus Smoothie recipe comes from none other than Whole Foods. This tasty recipe combines some of our favorite citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, and lemon with ingredients to tame the tangy flavors like greek yogurt, honey, and agave. Blend this with some ice cubes and you have a delicious treat that is also incredibly easy to make!

    Orange smoothie with green straw and orange slice with water behind it
  1. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie
    Last but not least, try adding some coconut to your smoothies this summer! We love the pineapple coconut smoothie recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. This 3-ingredient smoothie is incredibly easy-to-make. It features coconut milk as a base and is loaded with fresh pineapple, greek yogurt, and ice—that’s it! Blend it up and enjoy the delicious, refreshing drink and top with coconut shavings. Optionally, add some pomegranate seeds to this to add some color and tone down some of the sweet taste with a bit of tartness. 

    Aerial image of coconut smoothie with coconut shavings and pomegranate
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