Kids running in a yard setting

We’ve created a list of our five favorite DIY backyard games for kids that will get your kiddos to put down the electronics and enjoy playing outside. Some of my best childhood memories were spent during hot summer days running through sprinklers and rolling around in the grass. I’m sure many of yours were too! We’re hoping our list of backyard games can help our kids learn to love playing outside, instead of spending hours with their electronics. Backyard adventures rock!

Kids playing in a giant bubble solution

1) Giant Bubble

Build human-sized bubbles. Your kids will love these! Simply poor water and some bubbles into a plastic kiddie pool. Let the kids mix and stir the bubbles around by jumping in the pool. Put the hula hoop in the pool. Give it a good swirl and then slowly lift the hula hoop up and viola! Giant bubbles!

You’ll need:

  • plastic kiddie pool
  • hula hoop
  • bubbles
  • water

Girl throwing a football in football passing game

2) Football Passing Game

Create fun football-throwing technique games with your kids! Using an old king size sheet (or pick one up at a thrift store for cheap!), take scissors and cut out differently sized shapes in the sheet. Tape around the edges with duct tape to create a sturdy hole. Use the marker to write out points for making it through each shape. You can make these as elaborate as you choose - nicer like the picture or let your kids experiment making their own.

You’ll need:

  • king-sized sheet
  • scissors
  • markers
  • duct tape

Two kids playing lawn twister

3. Lawn Twister

Create a fun game of twister on your lawn! Perfect for birthday parties when you don’t want little ones crashing into your living room furniture. Get a circle cut out (you can find one at a local craft store) or make your own by cutting out a piece of cardboard. Spray 6 large dots on the lawn in one color, repeat with each spray paint can until there are 4 rows of 6 dots. Make your own spin board or draw directions out of a hat. Your kids will love helping create the game as much as playing it! And, the good thing is easy cleanup - after a few times mowing the lawn, the twister game will be gone!

You’ll Need:

  • A circle cut out (or make one from cardboard)
  • 4 cans of spray paint

girl on a slip n slide

4. Slip N’ Slide

This is fun and very easy way to liven up a summer day. Get a long tarp and place it on the lawn - preferably down a slight hill to allow gravity to help control the water direction. Place a hose on the tarp. Boom! Instant water slide in your backyard. Plus, this activity will not only entertain the kids, it will water the lawn. I’d call that a win-win in my book.

You’ll Need:

  • long tarp
  • water

boy drawing on a chalkboard on the fence

5. Chalkboard Wall

This is probably the hardest activity to set up on our list. But, creating the chalkboard wall with your kids can be an activity in itself! Get a large piece of plywood from your local home improvement store. Lay the plywood down in an open space. Sand the plywood with sand paper until it’s smooth and free of bumps. Wipe the board clean. Then paint the plywood with chalkboard paint. Make sure to use a paint brush you can dispose of afterwards. Let dry. Then hang or lean your chalkboard wall outside.

You’ll Need:

  • a large piece of plywood
  • sand paper
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint brush
  • chalk

We hope these 5 DIY Backyard Games create timeless summer memories with you and your family! If you want more DIY ideas to do with your kiddos, make sure to check out  this previous blog post.

Let us know your favorite backyard games as a child. We’d love to hear from you!

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