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Is your gym routine getting old? Are you plateauing in your fitness goals? It might be time to mix up what you’re doing and try a couple new fitness classes. In fact recent studies by the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science found workouts that continually challenge your body in new ways are the most beneficial. If you do the same workout every day, your body can actually get accustomed to it and burn less calories.

To help you mix up your workout routine, today we’re sharing innovative, new fitness class. From variations of traditional yoga to rockstar-inspired workouts, we’ve curated a list of the best new workouts to try.

5 New Fitness Trends You May Have Not Heard Of

Align with Aerial Yoga

Yoga lovers everywhere, it’s time to try a new form of your go-to exercise; it’s time to try aerial yoga! This fitness class combines traditional yoga moves like down dog and child’s pose with acrobatic arts to transform and reinvent your practice. What was once thought of as a faddish fitness trend, aerial yoga has proved its staying power over the last few years.

The physical benefits like spinal decompression and pain relief have largely helped aerial yoga create a loyal following of yogis. The aerial suspension also allows for yogis to find proper alignment in poses, something they may not yet be able to do on the ground.

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Rock out with Pound!

One of the newest trends to hit the fitness scene is called Pound. This workout takes its motivation from traditional rock scenes turning all of its fitness participants into rockstar drummers for the hour long class. The class uses lightly weighted drumsticks to pound, run, jump, and dance to 2-4 minute track intervals. Think zumba class meets kickboxing class.

Pound classes can scorch up to 900 calories per hour and they’re designed to help rockers develop agility, coordination, and timing as participants dance and rock throughout the workout. Classes are currently available in major city gyms and are being added to gyms throughout the US.

Pound Exercise Classes 

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Sculpt Your Core with SUP PaddleBoarding

Stand up (SUP) PaddleBoarding is a new fitness trend that combines balanced based movements with intense repetition to create a scorching exercise regimen. For people near water, the exercise can be done using a stand up paddle board (these are more sturdy than regular paddle boards), a paddle. Start by placing the paddle board on the water, carefully maneuvering on to it, and working through traditional workout moves.

Adding the balancing challenge of staying on the paddle board helps your body scorch more calories than if you were doing it on land. You’ll be working out your core the entire time! If you’re not near water try placing the paddle board on top of a couch cushion or a balance board to simulate the balance challenge water provides.

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Dance it Out with Masala Bhangra

Inspired by the energetic moves of India’s famous Bollywood, Masala Bhangra combines dance moves with music to scorch calories in this hour-long fitness class format. Combining masculine traits found in the Bhangra dance styles with femininity found in traditional Bollywood moves, the class attracts both men and women to the style. Masala Bhangra classes start by introducing easy-to-follow fitness and dance choreography that involves active repetition and intense cardio.

Masala Bhangra classes can be found around the world. The organization is licensed in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. You can also dance along at home through the organization’s DVD series.

Masala Bhangra 

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Yoga Ride: Spin Classes + Yoga

Last but not least check out new Yoga Ride fitness classes. This workout regimen combines the intense, cardio-scorching workout of traditional spin classes with the calming and lengthening benefits of yoga. The class format takes an intense 30-minute approach to the spin classes (less time than traditional spin classes which usually run 60 minutes) and the last 30 minutes are used to lengthen and build muscle through yoga poses. Incorporating both fitness styles offers participants a full body workout. Often times cycling classes only target specific leg muscles, by adding yoga to the format participants can work their arms, core, and upper body as well. These combination classes have been popping up in major gyms across the country. From Los Angeles to New York City, gym goers are embracing this new trend.

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