Woman Wearing Hapari Sports Tankini Top and Regular Bottoms

Swimsuits often toe the line of being used as active swimwear and as cute clothing. Our Hapari swimsuits can easily do both, allowing the wearers to be fashion forward while playing in the waves… while other swim wear can spell disaster for the wearer caught in an active moment. To help our readers find that balance, here are 5 signs that a swimsuit may not work well for or during active use.    

It’s an Itsy-Bitsy Bikini

A too small swimsuit can sometimes leave the active woman feeling  a little self-conscious but also can cause problems while playing in the waves, digging up a volleyball on the beach and pretty much any other active beach goings-on. Swimwear that is too small can easily fall down, show peak-a-boo moments and leave the wearer so embarrassed they may never want to swim. Small bikinis can be cute and are great for a laid-back sunny day, but you may want to reconsider if you're planning on being extremely active.

It’s  Strapless or Hanging by a Thread

Swimsuits that are strapless or tie onto a body are adorable but may not always be the best for the diving board, sandy beaches, surfing, or intense play in the water. Some swimsuits have ties but aren’t necessarily held on by the strings. These are the swim suits to get for a fashionable and logical swimming look. The suits that are held on by ties can easily become loose and result in an embarrassing moment. For the active woman a string swimming suit can easily come untied during a game of volleyball or when you hit that perfect wave! Keep this in mind.

Its Low –Cut

For active swimmers, a low cut swim suit not only produces drag, effecting your speed in the water, but also tends to slide downward, revealing some body parts you may not want revealed. One trend of celebrity swimsuits is an extremely low cut center in the swimsuit. This may look stylish but can cause a lot of accidents if the wearer is planning on actually swimming or moving around.

So Many Holes You Don’t Know Which One is For Your Head

The trend of Monokinis (a single swimsuit with cutout sections) is in this year but isn't the best type of swimwear for active beach and pool goers. The cut out sections, not only leave it a little hard to figure out how to put the swimsuit on, but also leaves plenty of spots for potential ripping or unwanted showing of the body.

Its Old and Wearing Thin

Less fashionable and more comfortable, an old swimsuit may be ideal of beach and water activities, if it is in good condition. If it is thin in places, turning a little see-through or has small holes, it is time to throw the suit out. Wearing it one more time could mean embarrassing ripping and moments for the wearer.

 Swimwear for Beach and Water Activities

Here at Hapari, we are proud to provide stylish and logical swimwear for the fashion forward and active beach and pool goers. If you are looking for a new swimsuit that fits your needs, we suggest looking in the market of our high quality bikinis, tankinis and sport swimwear. Equally as fashionable as trendy swimwear, these suits come with adorable ruffles, prints and designs made to help the wearer look their best, be fashionable and be able to participate in the more active activities on the beach or in the pool.

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