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Wearing: HAPARI Tank Midkini

5 Tips For Living A Happy Life

Being happy is one of the most simple yet elusive of goals. We trick ourselves into thinking that it is a destination. We place happiness in Someday Land, where one day if we achieve the right goals or find the right person we can finally have it. The truth, happiness is a moment to moment choice that we all have access to at any given time. Here are a few of my favorite tips for living a happy life.


Lets be honest, being an adult can really suck sometimes. Things don’t always go your way, people disappoint you, you disappoint yourself and that will never change. The problem is we get upset about the fact that we are upset, we get mad at ourselves for having one bad day because we scroll through Instagram and feel like everyone else is perfect and happy all the time! Let yourself off the hook. Embrace the times when you aren’t feeling 100%. Accept that you are only human, and there is nothing wrong with feeling down sometimes. Embracing the negative moments makes the times when you are feeling on top of the world that much better.

Woman Wearing a  HAPARI Prismatic Tank Midkini and FIT Pants in Black

Taylor Grewe Wearing: Prismatic Tank Midkini / HAPARI Fit Black Pants


Your body has carried you through your entire life up until now and it deserves some serious love and recognition. Exercise, no matter the intensity, is crucial to living a happier life. Exercise causes a release of endorphins in your body and like the great and wise Elle Woods once said, “endorphins make you happy.” The key is to exercise because your body deserves to be taken care of, not because you hate the way it looks in the mirror. This simple shift in the way you relate to exercise can make a huge difference when it comes to your overall level of happiness.

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Woman Stretching Wearing a HAPARI Prismatic Tank Midkini


There is nothing worse than jumping out of bed, looking at your phone and coming across a stressful text or email before you even have a chance to wake up. The way you feel moments after you wake up can have a surprising impact on how you feel the rest of the day. Try implementing this simple habit into your morning routine. Before you get out of bed in the morning bring to mind thoughts that bring you joy. Maybe something you’re excited about or a few things you are grateful for right now. Anything that causes you to get that warm sensation and feeling of joy throughout your body. Let that feeling sit, and then start your day. Over time you will be amazed by the difference this simple habit can make.

Head over to Life Off The Reel to find out Taylor's last 2 tips for living a happy life. You can also check her out on Instagram @lifeoffthereel.

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