In 2012, the top three resolutions for the New Year were to were to “live life to the fullest,” “eat healthy and stay fit” and lastly, the number one resolution was to lose weight. As the holidays approach us once again, many women and men have those same resolutions on their mind and those resolutions all lead to looking great in a swimsuit when swimsuit season rolls around. Preparation to look good in a swimsuit starts now and to help with that goal, here are 5 easy ways to look good in a swimsuit.

Woman in a black swimsuit under a pier

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is always the most important key to losing weight and looking fit, especially in a swimsuit. To look your best, many doctors and weight loss professionals recommend cutting out dairy and salt intake, or at least reducing it. Dairy can lead to trouble digesting foods which in turn leads to gas and bloating, which not only makes one feel like they look less than their best, but is not what is needed to look great at the beach.

Eating less salt reduces water retention as well as bloating, so cutting back a little will help you look your best in a swimsuit. Watch out for sodium intake in unexpected places, such as processed and pre-packaged foods.


Good posture has a way of making us feel and look lean and fantastic in a swimsuit. Research has shown that those with good posture are perceived as more confident, taller, in better behavior and more attractive than those without good posture. Body language expert, Patti Wood suggests that while sitting at the beach, to sit with your knees up. "Not only does it lift the fat off your thighs, it also draws eyes to your upper body and knees, creating a slim line."

Drink Water

Drinking water is essential to good health, weight loss and looking good. Drinking plenty of water can make skin luminescent, reduce fatigue and defeat water retention, which all make a body look fantastic in a swimsuit.

woman in a white bikini on the beach

Pick a Swimsuit that Flatters Your Body

Each body is shaped different and looks different in different types of swimsuits. A swimsuit that flatters your body can make a person both look and feel their best. Current swimsuit trends have revealed several different swimsuits for all body types, making looking good an easy job on the beach.

woman wearing a flattering swimsuit

Live an Active Lifestyle

Working out is essential to looking good and a fun way to work out a beach body is hula hooping. It can burn calories, as much as 600 an hour and works the abdominal muscles for the perfect bikini abs. For quick and good results, try this fun workout for an hour a day, a few times a week.

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