Hapari FIT Long Sleeve Top

Just because Winter is here, doesn’t mean your outdoor activities have to screech to a halt. There are plenty of fun ways to explore, enjoy the season and burn a few calories to lose weight! Here are some of our favorite!

Skiing or Snowboarding
Besides being one of the most awe-inspiring ways to enjoy the mountains, there’s nothing like working up an exhilarating sweat skiing or snowboarding. You can burn up to 3,000 calories in six hours of skiing or snowboarding! Not to mention, being outdoors can elevate your mood and provide vitamin D which improves overall health.

Try layering up with our Fit Long Sleeve Top as a base layer, and then piling your sweatshirt and coat on top. You’ll be nice and warm while allowing the option to not overheat in the lounge as you sip on some well-deserved hot cocoa!

Pack up the fam and get ready for a grand time making memories, sharing laughs, gathering a bruise or two and yes, burning a lot of calories. Sledding can burn up to 362 calories an hour. You can step it up a notch by racing your way back up the hill, which activates your glutes as well as any machine at the gym, and steering the sled on the way down works your core muscles and coordination.

Since you’re likely to get warm quickly, a mesh jacket underneath a coat is ideal. After a few times climbing up the hill and perfecting your steering, you can shed a layer and still feel protected from the snow. Try our Fit Mesh Jacket in white eclipse to look hip and stay warm on the hill!

HAPARI Fit Mesh Jacket in White/Eclipse

Quietly gliding over the snow’s surface will make you feel like you fit right into to the natural habitat. Snowshoeing is an excellent, and often overlooked, way to enjoy the season. A 150-lb person can burn 450+ calories an hour partaking in this serene sport. If you haven’t tried it, maybe this season’s the time to give it a go!

A cosy zip up sweater, like our versatile Fit Jacket in black is a classic look that never goes out of style and will keep you warm as a snow bunny.

HAPARI Fit Jacket in Black

Ice Skating
Ice skating is all about balance, strength and making something difficult look effortless. Similar to how dancers bodies train and strengthen small muscle groups that you may not always use, ice skating can awaken those areas in a great way! Not to mention, you can burn upwards of 250 calories in a hour perfecting this graceful sport. Trust us, your core and legs will thank you in the morning for giving them a little love.

Our favorite activewear piece to stand out in the rink? The Fit Pant in Eclipse! The winter-inspired colors are the perfect combo for this activity!

HAPARI FIT pant in eclipse

Playing in the Snow
Last but not least, one of the best ways to burn calories and enjoy the season is to play in the snow! Build a snowman, make snow angels or have a snowball fight with your family! It’s a great form of anaerobic exercise mixing cardio with using your body’s weight to strengthen muscles, not to mention a lot of fun!

Try wearing our popular Fit Bra for full coverage, comfort and support. The soft elastic band under the bust keeps the comfortably in place during all the jiving, moving and creating!

HAPARI FIT bra in Raspberry

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