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Companies like American Apparel & Urban Outfitters

are reviving the fashion of the 1990's. Is this the greatest thing to happen to fashion or should we put down our scrunchies? I personally love the 90's because, along with the 80's, this is when I really grew into my own. The music was fresh, the fashion was anywhere from grunge plaid to metallic platforms. It was organic and dirty and futuristic at the same time. The movie Clueless can sum all of these up into a 90 minute documentary of the era. Although I am nostalgic for this time period, I fear the unflattering fashions that come with it. I have to say I prefer my

low rise bikini bottoms

over the 90's high waisted one pieces. Here we take a look at the high's and low's of the fashion revival. If you're thinking about digging through your closet, please go ahead, we'll wait...

Although not all styles were winners, we find that we seem to only remember the good at times like these and how fabulous everything was...aside from some of those high school yearbook photos with the "flowered" bangs and funky sweaters. So now that you've found your first pair of CK Jeans and Doc Marten's... let's see how to wear them today...

90s Fashion Trends: Grunge

Women Wearing Grunge Fashion Trends

90's Fashion Revival | Hapari

90's Fashion Fads: Pop

Woman Wearing 90's Pop Fashion Trend

90's Fashion Revival | Hapari

90's Fashion Revival: Dressed Up

Women Wearing 90's Dressed Up Fashion Trend

90's Fashion Revival | Hapari

90's Fashion Revival: Dressed Down

90's Style Snickers

90's Fashion Revival | Hapari