For today’s healthy living feature we’re showcasing one of the hottest fitness trends right now: high intensity interval workouts. This type of workout features short but impactful workouts that will get you sweating in just minutes.

Learn more about this new fitness trend below and check out the workouts you can do at home!

What you need to know about HIIT

HIIT workouts involve short, bursts of interval training designed to get your heart rate up quickly and keep it elevated. The workout style is designed with minimal breaks between reps, which means you can get a full body workout in just 20 minutes or so!

The other nice thing about this workout style is that many exercises just use body weight or simple free weights -- no complex machinery required.

One thing to note, in order for you to really get the benefits of the workout, and for it to qualify as a HIIT workout, you have to be going full out the entire workout. On a scale of 1-to-10 for level of effort, you need to be hitting at least an 8 or a 9 throughout the workout to really get the benefits. The goal is to be giving it your maximum effort during the exercises (similar to sprint running).

It’s also important to note that this exercise style should be done in conjunction with other exercises as well like low-impact resistance training or other forms of cardio.

Our favorite HIIT Workouts

Ready to jump into the HIIT workouts? Check out this HIIT workout below to target your whole body -- including your arms, back, abs and legs! We recommend saving this post so you can easily access it when you’re ready to do a quick workout at home.

Full-Body HIIT Workout

For this HIIT workout, do each exercise for 1 minute. After every 3 minutes take a 30 second break.

Cycle 1: Repeat cycle 2x

  • 1 min: Squats and Rear Lunges
  • 1 min: Burpees -- for an easier modification try alternating between full burpees with a push-up and burpees without a push-up
  • 1 min: Jumping Lunges
  • 30 second rest

Cycle 2: Repeat cycle 2x

  • 1 min: Mountain Climbers
  • 1 min: Alternating Side Lunges
  • 1 min: Squat Jumps
  • 30 second rest

Cycle 3: Repeat cycle 2x

  • 1 min: Forearm Plank
  • 1 min: Ground Push-up (Push-up from laying flat on the ground)
  • 1 min: Squat Jumps 30 second rest


Now that you have a HIIT workout plan, it’s time to decide what to wear while doing it! The good news is HAPARI has an activewear and fitness line that’s perfect for all types of workouts, including HIIT. With how challenging HIIT workouts can be, you need activewear that will stay in place, provides full coverage and support, and is made of quality fabric (see-through activewear is NOT okay).

Check out our picks for the best HIIT-inspired activewear to wear from head to toe from our HAPARI FIT line below.

Bra Top

Our Pink FIT Bra is the perfect bra top to wear for HIIT workouts.This top features a high neckline for full coverage and wide straps that sit comfortably without pinching shoulders or under arms. The soft elastic band under the bust keeps the FIT Bra comfortably in place during your workout, and the t-strap back adds a sleek silhouette.

Woman holding kettlebell wearing FIT Bra in Raspberry

Tank Top

Layer our Black FIT Tank Top on top of the Pink FIT Bra for more coverage and a stylish workout look! Our Black FIT Tank is made from UltraSoft™ breathable CoolFIT™ fabric designed to help you stay cool while you workout. The top features a tank style design with a t-strap back.

Women wearing HAPARI FIT Tank Top in Black

Athletic Pants

When it comes to full coverage athletic pants, we’ve got you covered! Our Fit Tummy Tuk Pant in Eclipse is made from durable Performance FIT™ fabric that is moisture-wicking and odor-free and designed to shape, contour and move with you.

HAPARI's FIT Tummy Tuk Pant in Eclipse

To shop these looks and view our entire activewear collection.

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