The Hapari brand is known worldwide for its modest, comfortable and stylish women’s swimwear. Many of our customers aren't aware that Hapari's  stylish clothing traits and benefits are not just for women! The Hapari designers are always updating their styles in both women and men's swimwear. Hapari is proud to highlight their comfortable, fahionable, and most importantly functional swimsuits for men, tailored to men’s comfort and needs.

Man Wearing Hapari Captains Quarters Swim Shorts

Get Comfort and Support

No other suit on the market (especially board shorts) gives men the comfort and support necessary for comfortable swimming. Wearing briefs under a swimsuit can be uncomfortable and board shorts can have a rough texture. Luckily, the designers at Hapari have created the Captains Quarters athletic compression swim shorts. These shorts offer form fitting comfort and relief that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Captains Quarters shorts can be worn under board shorts or alone as swimwear. These revolutionary shorts are also comfortable to walk in, whether wet or dry and tend to dry very quickly. The Hapari designers have tailored these shorts with a super soft and satin-like lightweight material that prevents chaffing and allows men to throw out those uncomfortable briefs and enjoy swimming again. The material used is so soft that many men wear the Captains Quarters compression short under board shorts, jeans, dress pants, shorts and athletic wear. These fantastic shorts also come in a variety of styles and have been a huge success among NFL players and pro surfers alike. The tight compression short is ideal for surfers wanting to remain hydrodynamic in the water and football players don’t have to worry about uncomfortable under garments while on the field.

Hapari Men's Swim Shorts in Aloha Print

Trendy Men’s Wear

Whether worn for swimming or for daily comfort, these wonderful men’s compression shorts come in a large variety of colors and sizes to suit all men’s personal styles. Available in White, Black, and Camo as well as in Warrior, Hawaiian and Aloha prints, these luxurious athletic shorts are for every man looking for comfort, and support in his swimwear.

Whether worn under clothing or used as swimwear, these compression shorts are full of form fitting comfort, soft texture and personal style.