I would love to say that I, like all of you, look fabulous at the beach all day, but I can't.

Woman Laying on the Beach Holding a Beach Ball I wonder how she looks so good? Find out now by reading our style tips!

You and I have bonded and I must remain honest - I look like a mess oceanside. This is of course the time when my friends want to capture our day out, tag me on facebook like it's going out of style and then go to our favorite restaurant with the adorable waiters. To help avoid such blunders I turn to my fancy (and often reliable) friend, the internet, and discover there is help out there for even the most disheveled beachcomber such as myself! After searching far and wide, I headed to the stores and made my rounds. Yes, I've tried them all and found some great wins and some unfortunate losses along the way. Here are some of the successes and why I love them so much!

#1 Beauty Beach Bag Essential - Color Whisper by Maybelline - $5.99

Color Whisper by Maybelline Color Whisper by Maybelline certainly adds a beautiful and light pop of color to your day!

This is classified as a lipstick, but I think that title doesn't do the product justice. It's actually a gel! Go figure! There are no waxes or oils, but only a soft and sexy gel-color. This is why it is the best beauty beach bag essential I recommend. My own interpretation of this product is somewhere between a lipstick, a tint and moisturizer. The sheer version of it's sister, the lipstick, this product is really my favorite surprise of the day. It doesn't leave your lips sticky either. The moisturizing effect lets your lips stay plump and soft through the conditions of the day and reapplies easily without clumping and to apply to a dried lip. Plus, you can't beat the cost which is definitely a steal for the quality. Definitely a beach beauty bag essential this season. My color of choice? Pink Possibilities of course!

#2 Beauty Beach Bag Essential - Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble - $25.00

Hair Spray from Bumble and Bumble. Capture summer hair with this sexy spray from Bumble and Bumble.

Who doesn't want to look like their beautiful locks are completely natural from the salt water air and spritz of ocean waves? Well, this product certainly helps us do the trick by not overly styling your hair. Surf Sprays are a dime a doze these days, but this one sets itself apart because you do not need to worry about sticky residue or perfume scents. It is light and gives just enough texture to make your hair look naturally kissed by the sea. This product has been highly rated by many other ladies, just like me, looking for something to tame their tresses. Spray into damp hair for just enough texture, shine and style to make it through the day looking beautiful.

#3 Beauty Beach Bag Essential - Revlon Photoready BB Cream - $10.99

This product was also was surprise to me. There are some products that are worth spending the big bucks on, like foundations and moisturizers. Anything that is going to be on your skin all day is critical for warding off breakouts and the sun's harmful rays is worth the investment. So when shopping all pricepoints and styles of creams, foundations, tinted moisturizes and more I found that this product offers big bang for small dollars. Packed with impressive SPF protection, BB cream and a natural color pallet with coverage that feels light and airy, this product also does exactly what it says in the title, it makes you photo ready with just the right amount of coverage.

Lastly, and most importantly, these are to be used in addition to sunscreen. Sunscreen and your usual beautiful self are the staple beauty items for a happy and healthy summer at the beach, the pool or the backyard.

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