How do you plan to look and feel amazing this summer? It's simple, you already have what it takes! ;)

Woman with Braided Hair Love the heat? Love your look! Read on for style tips to beat the sweat this Summer. Photo courtesy of

We all know that in the summer time we sometimes have to sacrifice a beautiful hairstyle for function due to hot temperatures, high humidity and just living life and being active. I stand up and say, "Not anymore!" As you probably know me by now, I can be a bit over the top, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Life is about living to the fullest and for not settling, even if it is just hair! I grew up in the Northeast and had become accustomed to my curly hair looking frazzled in the sweltering heat of summer when at the BBQ, pool or even just my morning commute to the office. There was no controlling the frizz or the flatness. There was not an air conditioner strong enough to tame

Mother Nature.  I knew I would end up in a ponytail and just dealing with it as the sweat poured from my forehead.

This, of course, inspired my research yet again and I was pleasantly surprised by a number or trends this summer that lend themselves to all types of hair, all lengths of hair and more! I wish I knew then what I know now... and maybe some of the pictures from the early 1990's wouldn't leave me cringing so bad.

Here are some of the best summer 2013 hair trends I have found to help save your summer look and keep you feeling beautiful inside and out through the killer temps. I can't promise to solve all the problems you'll have this turning down all the handsome men that will be chasing you down poolside, but hey, we all have to face these struggles on our own from time to time.

1. Braids - Messy is in!

Brittany Snow Wearing Messy Braid HOLLYWOOD, CA - Actress Brittany Snow (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

A soft and stylish side braid can do amazing things for your summer style and attitude! Worry this look is too young? Never say never! This look is highly underrated and an obvious classic. Really, you're probably thinking well when I was 18 it was cute, but I'm a business woman now...I'm a mom... I can't wear a little girl's hair style. Believe me, try this just once and find that you are giving more sultry glances over your shoulder, smiling more and feeling rejuvenated? Hairstyles reflect our personalities and if we want to feel energetic and full of life, a braid certainly can't hurt.

2. Buns - Chic all the way!

We've all seen the TV ads for hair accessories that give you sleek and stylish buns. These are great tools to help you maintain a clean and chic look poolside or heading to the Cabana for a night in. Sitting the bun at the crown of your head offers a youthful, yet sophisticated look to almost any outfit. Ready for the best part? Wear a bun during the day and let it out at night for an amazing beach wave that celebrities would envy!

3. Colors - Live outside the norm!

Woman with Trendy Hair Color This warm hair color combines Blondes, Brunettes, Coppers and more to make a beautiful and trendy color for Summer. Photo courtesy of UK Glamour Magazine Online

You're probably wondering how color effects style? Well, this season's warm combinations of blonde, brunette and coppers certainly make your style come to life and are amazing for wearing your "second day hair" without it looking oily or messy. These beautiful warm shades look great on most women as they find ways that bring out the color of your eyes whether they vibrant emerald green or a smokey chestnut brown. You're sure to find a color that works well with your amazing complexion and will breath new life to your summer style!

4. Accessorize - Add a little bling to the scene!

The best trend is one that is so fierce, yet so easy that you can't resist! I challenge you to look through your costume jewelry and find a necklace that is medium length, possibly with an adjustable length clasp and chain. Put your hair in a high ponytail, twist your hair and wrap it around the ponytail base. Use bobby pins to hold accordingly. Now that you have the bun in place (even mess it up you like, I encourage it!) and then begin to wrap the necklace around you hair. If you don't have a necklace you can pick up some leather strings and or charms at your local craft store and start to jazz up that basic bun instantly! Laugh now, but love this look one you try it once! Use bobby pins again to hold and bam, you have a fun, elegant and charming hairstyle. Pun intended! :)

5. Product - That's right, love the look you have!

Fekkai Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream Fekkai Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream. Photo courtesy of

So the best thing we can do is actually love who we are. We were born with frizz, with curls, with waves and even poker straight hair. We were born with natural style that we often try to change to mold into celebrity styles we love or what the media says we should be. The most rewarding tip is to make the most of what you have and embrace your individuality! To this, I say find the right product to make you, you! Like I mentioned earlier, I have naturally curly hair which I admittedly fight quite often. Then one day I found a product that made my hair light, airy and definitely the opposite of crispy (my fellow curly friends know exactly what I mean). For those of you with waves or even straight hair I suggest finding free samples of as many as possible, usually offered free online. Try as many as possible and find the few that work best for you. I personally love Fekkai products. They are my occasional indulgence, but do last quite a long time and I've never seen my curls look so great. They have even helped me find the straight hair I've always wanted. But, I had to go through dozens of products before finding the one that fit me best. Again, it is about bringing out the best you and that is really the best style you can have this summer. :)

So when you are considering how to spice up your summer and love the woman that's in the mirror keep in mind, you are the best you and that is the best style advice one can truly give.

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