With summer vacations and beach days on the horizon, it’s time to shop for a new bathing suit! If you’re like most women, finding a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and supported can be a challenge. And, it’s even harder for moms—with the body changes from pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding. This is going to change this year, ladies. Say it with me: I will honor my body and give it the support it needs so that I can feel confident, beautiful, and supported in my swimsuit! 

In today’s post, we’re sharing the best bathing suits for highlighting all of your best assets and hiding those you don’t love. From tummy control one-piece swimsuits to two-piece suits designed to hide belly fat and love handles, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below to learn more!

What to look for in tummy control swimsuits

How do you know what to look for in a swimsuit to help hide belly fat and provide tummy control? Should you always look for a one-piece or can you wear a tankini or bikini? Do plain colors or prints look better? What other features and functionality should you look for? Have no fear, we have a quick and easy list to check before adding a swimsuit to your card.

Below is a list of quick things to look for when shopping for a tummy-control swimsuit. 

  • High-quality material: First things first, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality swimsuits. If you buy a cheap bathing suit from a ‘pop-up brand’ it’s going to last you one season and it’s not going to give you the support you need. Buy quality swimsuits for tummy control—and be sure to check the customer rating!

  • Tummy sculpting mesh lining: We use this innovative design technique in our  Slimming Tankini Tops. It creates a mesh barrier between your skin and the swimsuit fabric that creates a smooth flat silhouette—no more wet fabric clinging to your belly.

  • Ruching and patterns: For a quick fix, purchase swimwear with a visual pattern or ruching technique. These designs help create a seamless, slimming silhouette without focusing on the midsection. They can be a great quick fix for tummy control and to hide tummy bulge.

  • Adjustable length tankini and swim dress: Look for adjustable swim tops. At HAPARI, we specialize in creating an adjustable swim top called a Swimdress. The length of these can be adjusted from a dress to a top, so you can create a personalized fit for your body type and hide stubborn belly fat.
  • High-waisted bottoms: Our High-Waisted Tummy Tuk Swim Bottoms are one of our most popular selling pieces because of the extra fabric and support these bottoms give to the lower belly and waist area to hide belly fat or tummy bulge and minimize love handles.

  • Underwire swim tops: Last but not least, check for underwire swim tops. While this may not seem to be related to tummy control swimwear, it is! With a correctly supported bust, your midsection and silhouette are more defined. This helps create more shape and support while you’re swimming.

Now that you know the features you’re looking for in a bathing suit, check out our top picks for the best tummy control swimwear.

One-piece swimsuits to flatter your midsection

We love a good one-piece bathing suit! Not only is it a classic silhouette and style that never goes out of fashion, it also provides more coverage and support than other swim styles. Below are the one-piece styles that are ideal for tummy control because of their intricate and flattering prints:

  • Reverie Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit: With gorgeous hand-painted florals against a crisp white background, this long sleeve one-piece swimsuit provides a visual pattern for a sleek silhouette and full midsection coverage.

    Woman in HAPARI long sleeve one-piece swimsuit against a tropical backdrop.
  • Shimmer Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit: Looking for something with a bit more edge? The Shimmer print in the long sleeve one-piece style has a mix of bright colors and prints with both a cheetah and snakeskin overlay.

    Woman in HAPARI long sleeve one-piece swimsuit against a tropical backdrop.
  • Azure Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit: Looking for a tropical floral vibe? Go with the Azure print, which features a dark background (always more flattering for hiding belly fat) with pops of bright blue flowers and patterned flora.

    Woman in long sleeve one piece swimsuit by HAPARI against tropical background

The question remains—which style hides more belly fat: one-piece swimsuits or two-piece suits? There isn’t a hard and fast rule here. Wear what you feel comfortable in! One-pieces will automatically provide more coverage, but there are plenty of tankini and bikini swimwear options that can also provide tummy control as long as you pair them with the right high-waisted bottoms.

So, if a one-piece swimsuit is not your thing, we also have a list of two-piece styles like tankini and bikini tops, that provide optimal tummy control and still hide any love handles or bulges. Check out the list below.

Two-piece swimsuits with tummy control

Tankini and bikini tops can also be a style you can wear and still hide belly fat or love handles. How? You have to find a flattering top and pair them with the right bottoms—usually a cheeky or low-rise swim bottom isn’t going to work, instead opt for a high-waisted bikini bottom that will give you more lower midsection control. The bonus? This style is very popular and has a retro vibe. Below are our favorite two-piece styles that also have optimal tummy control:

  • Cheetah Slimming Tankini Top: This tankini top style hits the top of our lists every time. Why? It’s so versatile and looks great on everyone. And, with tummy sculpting mesh liner and black side panels, this top creates a sleek silhouette hiding any tummy bulge you might have. Add in the cheetah print and you’ve got your bases covered!

    Woman in cheetah print slimming tankini top and black swim bottoms against a tropical background
  • Ambiance Luxe Tankini Top: Designed with a high neckline, power-mesh lined bra, and athletic fit, this top creates a sleek silhouette. Add in a gorgeous floral print and you’ve checked all the boxes for a suit that has both tummy control/support and looks great!

    Woman in luxe tankini top and blue swim bottoms against a tropical background
  • Tropic Twist Bikini Top + High-Waisted Swim Bottoms: This bikini style works great at providing optimal tummy control when paired with high-waisted bikini bottoms. The twist style up top provides added support and unique visual interest with the vibrant print.

    Woman in tropic bikini top and high-waisted white swim bottoms against a tropical background

Whether you choose to wear a one-piece swimsuit for more coverage or opt for a two-piece style, there are many different combinations and styles that you can wear that look stylish no matter your body shape. 

HAPARI: swimsuits made for women by women

At HAPARI, we pride ourselves on designing swimsuits specifically for women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. We know women’s bodies because we are women! And guess what? We celebrate and embrace the changes that happen to bodies through life events, whether that’s from becoming a mom to natural aging—from belly fat to love handles to tummy bulge. And, we specifically design swimsuits with the functionality to support and flatter these body types. 

This season, bathing suit shopping is going to be an empowering, beautiful, and FUN experience. When you shop at HAPARI, you’re shopping with a brand designing swimwear specifically for your needs. It’s a no-brainer!

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