Family Dressed as the Incredibles

(Image via Pop Sugar Moms)

Halloween is almost a week away! Do you have a costume yet?! If you’re like me the answer to that is a resounding… no. Every year I tell myself I’ll start early and create really cool custom costumes for the whole crew (you know, me, the kids, and the husband), but every year Halloween is here before we know it and there’s no time (or energy) left to worry about making custom costumes. If this sounds a lot like your situation, know that we are in it together! :) And, like always, HAPARI is here to help! Today’s blog post shows you a variety of last-minute costume ideas that are easy to put together. Check it out!

Family Friendly Halloween Costumes For 2015

The Presidential Family

Looking to make a hilarious statement with your family? If (we know it’s a big ‘if’) you can convince your kids to play along with this funny costume idea, you may just win your Halloween party costume contest. Dress each of the family members up like a different presidential candidate. With the caliber of candidates running, you’ll have a myriad of unique and distinct characters to choose from. :)

Family Dressed as The Presidential Family

(Image via Foster 2 Forever)

The Cast of OITNB

Have you been as addicted to the Netflix Original Series Orange Is The New Black as we are? Then show the world your favorite characters from the show. Dress the family up as the notorious ladies from Litchfield Penitentiary. Who’s calling dibs on Piper? I know I’ll be routing to play Big Red.

Girls dressed as Orange is the New Black

(Image via Emma Mag)

Channel The Walking Dead

A lot of our ideas this year are inspired by popular and fun topics in 2015. What’s the most popular show of the year? AMC’s The Walking Dead! Besides being a show essentially channeling a real-life horror story, it’s celebrating Halloween all year round. So, give The Walking Dead the props it deserves and channel your inner zombie this year. The plus side of this costume choice for you and the fam? It’s so easy; rip old clothes, smear in dirt, and black smudgey make-up and you’re done!

Girl Dresses as a Zombie

(Image via Pinterest)

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Looking to pass on a long held tradition of Halloween lore? Watch the classic movie, It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and let the kiddos pick a character to be from the show. With characters like Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, PigPen, and Peppermint Patty, how could you not love dressing up like these characters?

Family Dressed as The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

(Image via Modern Kiddo)

The Classic Scary Costume

Looking to be something classic for Halloween with your fam? Instead of using popular trends as Halloween costume ideas look to the scary, haunted stuff! We love the idea of making the whole family into eerie ghosts. Make the costumes look real by finding early century clothing (think Disney’s Hollywood Tower of Terror) and spray painting the whole thing white or silver. Add spooky makeup, dark eye circles are a must, and, viola, you’re done!

Family Dressed as Eerie Gosht

(Image via Pop Sugar Moms)

Feeling inspired and reinvigorated to make Halloween 2015 the best yet? We hope so, because we sure are! We can’t wait to share this list with our friends and family. With so many great ideas for your crew, you’re sure to find one the whole family loves.

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