Mason Jar Luminaries

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Besides perfect temperatures, one of the most beautiful things about Fall is the changing leaves. The oranges, browns, and yellows are truly beautiful; they’re like a landscape painting come to life. Right? It’s so breathtaking! I recently went on a drive through the mountains and left feeling in awe of the amazing world we live in.

Today’s blog post uses these beautiful changing leaves to create a DIY craft to bring Fall into your home! These Fall-inspired luminaires are some of our favorite projects to make all year. Created using mason jars, leaves, and a little glue these babies are as easy to make as they are pretty.

DIY: Fall Mason Jar Luminaries

Fall Mason Jar Luminaries on Window Ledge


  • fall leaves - real or fake
  • mason jars (the cheaper the better)
  • Mod Podge glue
  • sponge brush
  • twine
  • flameless candle

Directions Make sure you start by using a cheap mason jar. I know that sounds like nonsense, but using cheaper jars allows for the leaves to lay flat against the edges and keeps the leaves in place.

Start by using your sponge brush to add a coat of Mod Podge to the inside edges of the jar. Let the jars dry. Then add glue to one side of each of the leaves. Carefully place the leaves inside the jar decorating the insides of the jars. Let dry.

Once the jars are dry, use extra Mod Podge to keep corners down and make sure the leaves stay in place. Tie a piece of twine around the top of the jar. Add a flameless candle in the middle of your mason jar.

Viola! You’ve created your very own Fall Mason Luminaries. How fun and easy was that? Make the event a get together with friends. They’ll love creating their own DIY Luminaries!

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