Kids in Halloween Costumes

Ghost? Witch? Pumpkin? Do you know what your kiddos want to be for Halloween this year? If not, time is ticking and you’d better start figuring out a costume for your little ones. One of my favorite memories from Halloween was picking out costumes with my parents. I’d either get to shop at a store, or even better, I’d pick a character to be and my mom would make me a custom one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. I loved it! So, if you’re in a bind and can’t find the perfect costume or you just want to make one yourself, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids! They’re easy to make and look great!

Read on DIY warriors!


Kid Wearing a Fox Halloween Costume

We tried to pick Halloween costume ideas that work for all types of kids - from the girly girls to the all-boy boys and everything in between. We couldn’t help but squeal with excitement when we found this adorable fox costume. It’s perfect for Halloween, but it’s also great as a fun, fall/winter piece for the kids. That’s what’s so great about kidswear, you can wear a fox-themed coat year-round and it’s totally acceptable.

To make this cute costume, simply get a red coat and sew on white accents, add a tail, some ears. Easy-peasy!


Girl Wearing an Owl Costume

Our next costume pic is equally ohhhh and ahhhh worthy. Dress your little one in this easy to make owl sheath dress and add a mask. Boom - the cutest little owl all ready for Halloween! Have a sewing machine? Simply cut out varying fabric in tear drop shapes, sew together and repeat to create a layered ‘feather’ look. Don’t have a sewing machine? Why not pick up a colorful shirt or dress and use hot glue to add feathers? Your kids will love helping create their own costume.


Boy Wearing a Rocket Ship Costume

We love when Halloween can also be educational! Encouraging your kids to love science + making a Halloween costume at the same time? Talk about two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. This costume is very easy to make and you can let your kiddos customize it to make it their own. Grab some cardboard or poster board at your local craft store, create the base body and the hat, then let your little ones loose to decorate to their hearts desire.


Boy Wearing a Lumber Jack Costume

This picture is to die for! How cute is this little boy? I can’t tell if he’s really into his character or mad his parents dressed him like this. Either way, the result is adorable. This easy DIY costume works great if you don’t want to buy anything. Use clothing your little one already has in his or her closet. You’ll need a plaid shirt, pants, suspenders, slouchy beanie, and a toy ax. Add a thick beard with some make-up or coffee grounds. Instant little Lumber Jack!


Girl Wearing a Breakfast A Tiffany's Costume

Channel your mini’s inner Audrey Hepburn for an Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume idea. And, really, it doesn’t get much cuter than this little girl rocking her costume. This is another easy costume to make using stuff you probably already have. Find a black dress, or you can use a black tee with a fluffy tutu, add some pearls, a sophisticated up-do, and sunglasses. Your little Audrey may just be the belle of all the halloween parties!

Send us pics of the creative DIY Halloween Costumes you come up with for your mini this Halloween. We’d love to share them with our Hapari community.

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