Accent Throw Pillow

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At HAPARI, we love design! We love perfectly designed swimsuits, great fabrics and patterns. Our love for stylish things doesn’t stop at swimsuits; we also love all things interior design. With the changing of the seasons, we thought it’d be nice to add a pop of Spring to our homes. So, today, we’re showing you a new Do It Yourself Project — DIY Throw Pillows. These accent pillows can add just the right pop of color, texture or serve as a design element to any room. Changing up your seasonal colors can invigorate and add new life to a space. With the warmer temperatures, we thought it was time to bring some of the fresh floral prints indoors. The best part? These throw pillows are cheap and easy to make. Hooray!

Read on DIY warriors!


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  • 1 yard of fabric
  • 1 pillow (19 x 19)
  • Sewing Supplies (sewing machine, thread, pins, marker, measuring tape)
  • Yard Stick
  • Ironing Board & Iron


Before you begin Iron your fabric. This is the first step and really helps create crisp, clean lines while sewing. Next cut your fabric to fit your pillow. If you’re using the suggested 19x19 pillow, the fabric measurements should be 42” long by 20.5” wide.

Next fold the fabric in ¼” on each of the side and iron to stay secure. Once ironing is done, fold the fabric in half - it should make a perfect square. Use sewing machine to sew around 3 sides, leaving one side open to insert the pillow. Once pillow is inserted, add a ¼” seam to the last open side.

Viola! Your very own DIY throw pillow! These pillows are so easy to make and significantly cheaper than buying one at a store. Try mixing and matching various patterns for a colorful look for Spring!

Accent Throw Pillow

(Image via Whitlock & Co.)

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