Women Wearing Amalfi Twist Tankini and Raspberry Drawstring Skirt

Pictured: Amalfi Twist Tankini, Raspberry Drawstring Skirt

Swimwear season is here which means finding a swimsuit that flatters you in all the right places.

While every body is different, finding a suit that fits ones breasts comfortably while looking flattering is definitely on the top of the list. At HAPARI, we have a wide variety of swimwear styles that compliment small and large bust sizes no matter if they are natural or faux. For those with small breasts wanting to add a little flair and lift to their swimwear look without going under the knife, we have created the perfect addition to your swimwear collection. Enter our our popular HAPARI Illusions™ silicone inserts!

What are HAPARI Illusions™ Silicone Inserts?

HAPARI Illusions™ silicone inserts enhance your breast to help create a fuller-looking figure. HAPARI Illusions™ are 100 percent silicone and will not absorb or retain water. Illusions are reusable and safe to use in chlorinated or salt water.

What sizes?

Depending on the look you prefer, we have 2 different sizing choices. The full-size inserts add 1-1/2 to 2 cup sizes, while the half-size inserts add ½ cup size. We sell both sizing options on our HAPARI website.

Woman Standing on a Pool Wearing Amalfi Bralette Midkini and White Regular Bikini Bottoms

Pictured: Amalfi Bralette Midkini, White Regular Bikini Bottoms

How do you use Illusions™?

HAPARI swimwear is full of secrets, secret pockets that is. Many of our tankinis and bikinis have pockets discreetly sewn in the bust area meant for slipping our HAPARI Illusions™ into. We have included these pockets in a variety of styles so that you can choose prints and colors that fit your personal style – and still have the option to wear inserts. Check out our new swimwear arrivals and find a suit you can wear with our secret pockets.

Do they work for Mastectomy?

We pride ourselves in creating Mastectomy friendly swimwear here at HAPARI. Getting into a bathing suit after recovery from a mastectomy can be scary. A lot of women have found our inserts to be helpful after experiencing a mastectomy. They can also insert their own prosthesis into our secret pockets (check with us for sizing, not all prothesis fit.) We love being able to help woman feel comfortable and confident in their swimwear.

Women Wearing Melbourne Push Up Tankini Top and Black Regular Bikini Bottoms

Pictured: Melbourne Push Up Tankini Top, Black Regular Bikini Bottoms[/caption]

How can I get the full breast look without your Illusions™?

Try out our Push Up Tankini or Bikini Styles if you are interested in getting the full flattering breast look without purchasing our Illusions inserts. Our Push Up tops are built with comfortable foam padding in the bust to give a nice full look with HAPARI’s signature support. Check out our Push Up styles.

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