Streets in Cuba

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America has held trade sanctions against Cuba for the last 50 years. As the ban is slowly lifted with the two countries seeking to smooth relations, a country rarely viewed as a tourist destination by Americans, comes into focus. What lies in this mysterious land?

We were curious and decided to do some digging ... While, we must preface, we have never been to Cuba ourselves (at least not yet - it’s on our list!) we did researched the island to give you five things to do while visiting Cuba.

5 Must-See Places To Visit In Cuba

1) Go to the Beach(es)

There are numerous beautiful beaches in Cuba including Varadero Beach, Playa Paraiso, Playa Pilar and Sirena Beach to name a few. The pristine white sand and warm, clear turquiose water are perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving or simply going for a swim.

2) Stroll through Old Havana

Old Havana's street

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Travel back in time to the city which seems to remain in the 1950s. Narrow streets with colonial architecture, street peddelers, jazz and cuban bars, colorful classic-style cars and lively music embody this area of town. Visitors recommend strolling along Obispo street and being prepared to walk — it’s the best way to see the district, and taking a few stops along the way to try delicious coconut ice cream.

3) Visit Colon Cemetery

Colon Cemetery, Cuba

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This isn’t your average cemetery, this is an architectural gem considered one of the most significant cemeteries in Latin America. Almost half a mile long, it’s a sight to behold with stunning white marble placards and statues making up row after row of tribute to the deceased. One monument that stands out (literally) is a 75-foot statue dedicated to firefighters who lost their lives in 1890.

4) Pack a lunch and visit El Nicho Waterfalls

Another tourist recommendation is to pack a lunch from a local market and head to El Nicho Falls located in the Sierra de Trinidad mountains. There are plenty of outdoor activities here from hiking through caves to bathing under the waterfall to even renting a jeep for the day to off road. The water is said to be very cold, but with the heat of Cuban summers, it may be a welcome temperature change.

5) Enjoy the View from El Morro

El Morro, Cuba

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The view of Havana from the vantage point at El Morro is breathtaking. El Morro is a castle originally under the control of Spain, located near the entrance of the capitol alongside the sea. With its gorgeous view, it’s ideal to visit around sunset or sunrise to capture beautiful photos.

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