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Pinterest might be the best thing that’s ever happened to everyday fashion. If you’re like me, your pinned outfit boards serve as the perfect answer when you are struggling through one of those ‘what-do-I-wear?!’ mornings. And, did you know there’s a plethora of kids fashion on the site too? It’s like  the cutest, most ‘ahhhhhh’ moments all rolled into one sweet and endearing feed. If you’re not in the know, no need to worry, our HAPARI team has you covered with  Fashion For Kids We’re Totally Loving. Check it out!

The Minimalist

We know that sometimes easiest is the best option when it comes to dressing your little one, so we will start with minimalist fashion. We like the idea of layering clothes with different patterns. This creates interesting looks and while still providing the many options kids need to be ready for any weather. Try some of these minimalist looks for quick-and-easy outfits for the kids!

Kids Sitting on a Table

The On-Trend

Our next category is for the stylish, on-trend, kiddos in your life —  think My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. One of the best things about trendy baby clothes is that they change just as quickly as your kids grow. Teaching your kids about how fun and creative dressing and clothing can be helps them explore their imagination and develop their personality!

Group of Kids Wearing Fashionable Clothing

Looks for Both Girls and Boys

For many parents with both sons and daughters, providing an entirely ‘gender’ specific wardrobe can be difficult and expensive. So, our next fashion category for the kiddos is one that honors looks that work for both girls and boys. Because why not create a fabulous closet both your daughter and son can share? Seems like a great idea to us!

We hope these looks inspire you to totally love fashion for kids. With so many awesome, fun, looks dressing can be another outlet for creativity and self-expression for your kiddos. Have a favorite look your kiddo wears? Send us a pic — we’d love to share it on our social media feeds.

Kids Wearing Fashionable Clothing

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