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Father's Day is this Sunday! It’s time to celebrate all the wonderful fathers and father figures in your life. From our own dads, to our grandfathers, to our kids' daddies, Father’s Day is a day to honor the many loving fathers in our lives. Just like motherhood, being a dad is not easy in today’s society; between work, family, and social obligations, it can be really stressful trying to juggle it all. Hip Hip Hooray for dads!

With all the craziness of summer activities, it can seem like this holiday sneaks up on us every year. No need to stress, we’ve got you covered with the best ways to make dad feel extremely loved this Father’s Day. From time honored traditions like heading to the ball game or making carb-tastic desserts he’s sure to love, we’ve curated a list of 5 Ways to Make Dad Feel Loved on Father’s Day!

Read all about it below and get ready to celebrate pops and all things fatherhood!

1) Take Your Pops to the Ball Game

Most men love sports. We know that’s a generalization, but it’s also a fact; according to a recent study by Sports Illustrated nearly 73 percent of men watch or follow sports. In light of this information, take your pops to a sporting event this Father’s Day! Chances are high that he’ll love it! :)

One of my family’s favorite Father’s Day traditions is taking all the father figures in our lives to a baseball game on Father’s Day. We live in a city where there isn’t a major league baseball team but that doesn’t matter. The entire crew has just as much fun watching the minor league teams play. Grab a hot dog and a coke and you’re all set for a great Father’s Day!

Dad and Son at a Ball Game (Image: Length of Baseball Game)

2) Make Food Together

This Father’s Day spend time making food together with your dad. The idea may seem mundane, but trust me, it’s not. He’ll love it! Food brings people together and will create memories you’ll both cherish for years to come. Now’s the time to try that obscure lemon meringue pie recipe or the BEST EVER enchilada recipe that’s a family treasure passed down from generation to generation. No matter what you end up making, your dad will love spending time with you.

Dad and Son Cooking (Image:Huffington Post)

3) Make the Day Special and Unique

The key to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or holidays — like Father’s Day — isn’t spending money. People think buying someone something huge or extravagant is the key to making that person happy; here’s a secret: it’s not. The key to creating a memorable day is to make that celebrated person feel special. Each person feels special under different circumstances so figure out what makes your dad feel loved, celebrated, and special, then do that. Try simple things like spending time with his family and friends or picking out a new book at the bookstore. Whatever it is he likes to do, let him do it!

Grandpa  and Grandson Riding Toy Cars (Image:Pinterest)

4) Beer (and, lot’s of it!)

Lots of dads love an ice cold beer. In fact, men in general love beer. A study by Gallup found that men’s number one alcoholic beverage of choice is beer. This Father’s Day take your dad out for a brew! Hit up your favorite local bar and give the house special a try.

This time of year there are also several beer festivals and events happening around the country. Find one close to you and spend the day trying all types of different hoppy beers. The Beer Advocate has an entire list of brew-inspired events happening across the country in June, check it out!

Beer Pints on Top of a Bar (Image:Travel Between The Pages)

5) Peace and Quiet

Here’s the deal, people: dads love all the hubbub over the holiday, sure, but they also love some good ol’ peace and quiet. New dads especially, with notoriously low levels of sleep consumption, love a chance to take a midday nap. Give your old man some time to relax and recuperate from those hectic, never-ending to-do lists. He’ll appreciate it, and the best part is you can take a nap too!

Dad and New Born Baby Sleeping (Image: Pinterest)

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