Women Wearing Costumes

Earlier this month we shared our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids, this week we’re sharing our favorite Halloween costumes for adults, couple and friends! Can you tell we’re just a little excited for October 31st?! In an unofficial Hapari office poll (ha!), it was determined to be one of our favorite holidays. Personally, I love that everyone, adults especially, get to dress up as crazy characters and let our inner kids out for a day.

So, why not have fun with your costume this year? Go big or go home!  ;)


We love the variety in costumes available for adults! After shuffling through hundreds of costume ideas, we selected our top three favorite costumes for women and our top three ideas for men. Scroll down to see our picks!

Women in Ice Queen, Rag Doll and  Comic Girl Costumes

(L to R: Ice Queen, Rag Doll, Comic Girl)

Men in Zoolander, Garden Gnome and Toy Army Figure  Costumes

(L to R: Zoolander, Garden Gnome, Toy Army Figure)

With some costume makeup and a little bit of practice, you can easily (and cheaply) transform yourself into one of these fab costume ideas this Halloween.


The great thing about couples costumes is that they are so much fun! Be creative and don’t take yourself too seriously when deciding on a costume for you and your other half. Below, we selected our favorite couples costumes that you can easily make at home.

Sesame People Wearing Street Monsters, Mario & Luigi and  Struck by Lightning Costumes

(L to R: Sesame Street Monsters, Mario & Luigi, Struck by Lightning)


Are you and your family/friends going to a Halloween party together? Why not go with coordinating Halloween costumes. It makes for great photos and the perfect conversation starter. We love the Lego set, Scooby Doo crew, and Hocus Pocus themed costumes below.

People Wearing Family Lego Set, Scooby Doo crew and Hocus Pocus Ladies Costumes.

(L to R: Family Lego Set, Scooby Doo crew, Hocus Pocus Ladies)

Finished reading all of our favorite picks? Now, tell us what you’re planning for your Halloween costume this year. We’d love to see our Hapari community dressed up! Let us know via our comments section below or send in pics and tag @hapariswimwear. We’ll post our favorites to our social media feeds.

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