Make these fun and beautiful fall crafts with your kids this season!

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Fall is here which means endless craft possibilities to entertain your kids. We have scoured Pinterest far and wide to come up with our favorite fall artwork projects. A recurring theme we are seeing for fall crafts involves handprints. Finger paint is always a kid favorite and a great sensory craft to do with your growing kids. See below for our favorite fall crafts involving handprints. Make sure to get washable paint!

Our Top 3 Handprint Fall Crafts

Handprint Acorns

Squirrels aren’t the only ones who love acorns. Get your kids into the fall sprit with this simple art project.

Little Girl Holding a Hand Printed  Acorn Design


-Brown and white washable paint


-White paper


Mix the brown and white paint to make a tan color for the bottom of the acorn. Let your kids put paint on their hands with the paintbrush and stamp their hand on the paper, the bigger the paper the more acorns they can make! Take the paintbrush with the brown paint and make the acorn’s brown top. Let it dry then show it off! (Idea and image: Crafty Morning)

Handprint Wreath

Wreaths seem to pop up in stores even before summer is over. Why purchase a wreath when you and your kiddos can create one on your own? This multicolored wreath highlights the colors of fall and can showcase the handprints of multiple children. This art project will need more parental assistance than others on this list.

Handprint Wreath Hanging From a Cabinet


- Yellow, green, orange, and red washable paint

- Paper plate

- Poster board paper

- 7-inch round embroidery hoop -Scissors

-Hot glue gun

-Wired ribbon (1½ inch wide)


Handprints on Paper

Squirt a little bit of every colored paint onto the paper plate. Blend the colors together (but not fully mix them). Put hands into the mixture and stamp all over the poster boards, the more the better. Let dry. Once dry cut out each handprint and leave a little tab at the bottom (parents may need to help with the cutting depending on the age of the kids). Insert the tabs on the bottom of the handprints into the middle of the two rings in the embroidery hoop. Do this all around the hoop laying the prints to create a wreath. Parental step: use a glue gun to glue the ribbon down all the way around the inside of the loop. Use the remainder of the ribbon to create a bow and glue on the wreath. Hang up for all to see! (Idea and images: Kiwi Crate)

Handprint Leaves

The universal sign that the fall season is upon us is when the leaves start to change colors. We have used that as an inspiration and found the cutest fall art project ideas to create with your littles. This leaf handprint craft is perfect for kids of all ages.

Hand Print Leaves


-Brown, gold, and red paint (or stamp ink)

-White paper

-Brown marker (or paint)

-Paper plate


Squeeze the different colored paint on the plate, make sure to keep them separate. Get your kids hand covered with one color and stamp it on the page, continue with one color or multiple until you have as many prints as you want. Let dry. Use the marker or brown paint to draw a stem at the end of the handprints and the leaf details. Voila, piece of cake! (Idea and image: House of Burke Blog)

Get your workspace ready and try out some of these ideas. Be sure to share the pictures with us, have fun!

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