Instagram is a great platform to connect with friends, family, and meet new people. It’s much more than just a tool to stay connected with your old high school friends though; today Instagram is a great tool for knowledge sharing with experts and influencers from around the world. One of the areas we particularly love exploring is the fitness section. There are so many inspiring fitness influencers out there, and in today’s post we’re introducing you to our favorites!

Our favorite perk: free video workouts!

Before we dive into our list of our favorite Instagram fitness influencers, let’s talk about the perks of following these people. The best benefit is the really great free content they provide. Many of the best Instagram fitness stars post videos of their daily workouts. This lets you see exactly what their workouts consist of and how to properly do the movements. We recommend saving the videos into a ‘collection page’ so you have go-to workouts every time you go to the gym. Doing this creates a library of awesome workouts -- completely for free!

Steps to save your favorite posts to a collection

To save your favorite content, click the ribbon bookmark on the right-hand side of the Instagram post than click “save to collection”. From there, you can save to an existing collection or create a new one. We recommend creating a specific “workout” collection so you can easily reference it when you go to the gym to do your next workout!

Our favorite Instagram influencers

Now that we’ve sold you on the great perks and benefits of following Instagram fitness influencers, check out our top three favorite followers below and why we recommend following each of them.

Kira Stokes of @kirastokesfit

Based out of New York City, Kira Stokes is a celebrity fitness trainer and creator of the Stoked Method which focuses on high-intensity training workouts to build lean muscle. With over 280,000 followers, Kira’s video posts regularly get over 80,000 views. The reason? She creates really great video content. Her posts feature unique workouts and movements with detailed descriptions on how to do them. We also love that she often features her significant other, Gary, in her posts as well. Check her out and give her a follow!

Kira Stokes Fit

Kelsey Wells of @kelseywells

Kelsey Wells is a self-taught fitness influencer who started her journey after dealing with postpartum anxiety after the birth of her son. She now has over 1.9M followers and her own app, called SWEAT, that gives followers access to her personalized workout plans. We love her page because she posts several new workout videos a week, many of them showing followers how to properly incorporate weights into their workouts.

Kelsey Wells

Tanya Poppett of @tanyapoppett

The great thing about Instagram is the access you have to advice and tips from people around the world. That’s certainly the case for fitness influencer Tanya Poppett from Australia. This Sydney-based fitness guru is one of our all-time faves. Her content ranges from workouts you can do anywhere (at home or outside) to activity-based workouts like skiing, paddle boarding, running, etc. Check her out!

Tanya Poppett

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