Ready for a new swimsuit to get you through the rest of summer? Our Summer 2016 Collections has beautiful new designs to fit every body shape. From tankinis to midkinis to bikinis, our latest collection has something for everyone.

Today’s HAPARI Swim Feature spotlights our fantastic bikini line. With a variety of bikini tops and bottoms created to flatter every body type, our summer collection has a bikini you’ll love.

Check it out below!

HAPARI Swim Feature: A Bikini Top For Every Body Type

At HAPARI, we pride ourselves in creating swimsuits for all body types. No matter what body shape you have, we’re positive we have a swimsuit that will look beautiful on you and make you feel beautiful. Afterall, you are beautiful and you should feel beautiful in a swimming suit! Bodies come in all shapes and sizes; even within specific body types there can be a wide spectrum of different body shapes.

Our guide to bikini tops is designed to help you select the swim top that makes you feel the most confident. Use it just as it’s intended - as a guide! If you find a bikini top that you like better, get it girl! Rock whatever style you like best. For those of you interested in a guide, we’ve got you covered with our recommendations below.

Hourglass Figures

For our ladies with hourglass figures, meaning your hips and bust generally align and your waist is typically more narrow, we have fantastic bikini designs that you’ll love rocking on the beach this summer. Hourglass figures look great in our Triangle Tie-Front Bikini Tops. These bikini tops are designed to provide necessary support via the adjustable ties and convertible base coverage. These bikini tops include standard foam cups and, like all HAPARI bikini tops, have sewn-in pockets to add HAPARI Illusions™ silicone inserts for additional enhancement.

Full Figures and Apple-Shaped Figures

Ladies with a full figure or an apple-shaped figure can definitely find a HAPARI bikini top that they’ll love rocking at the pool this summer. In fact, many of our HAPARI swimsuits are designed specifically with fuller figured women in mind -- our bikinis are no exception! Body types with fuller figures or apple-shaped figures tend to have more weight in the center of the body. Sometimes this body shape also has a fuller top half in comparison to the bottom half of the body.

With this body type, we recommend going with the Twist Bikini Top. This bikini top is designed to provide maximum support strength and coverage for fuller busts. The twist bikini features adjustable 3-way straps that can be worn as a halter, tank, or crisscross style.

Pear-Shaped Figures

Women with pear-shaped figures typically have fuller thighs, a defined waist, and shoulders that are more narrow. This body type looks fantastic in bikini swimsuits! This body type tends to have a smaller bust area, requiring less support than other body types. This particular body type works really well with a bikini top that provides added enhancement to the bust line. For pear-shaped figures, we recommend wearing the Push-Up Bikini Tops. These tops have additional padding to create the illusion of a more balanced body shape from bust to hips.

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Push-up Bikini Top.

Straight Figures

Straight-figured ladies tend to have less curves and are more slender in their body shape. This body type doesn’t require as much support in the bust line, so most bikini tops will work really well for this shape. We recommend checking out the Bandeau Eyelet Bikini Top. These bikini tops are designed with a full-coverage bandeau, small eyelet cut-out, and adjustable neck straps to create a personalized fit.

Straight figures can also consider the Push-Up Bikini Top to create or help enhance curves. HAPARI’s Illusions™ silicone inserts are a great way to create additional enhancement and balance this body shape.

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Bandeau Eyelet Bikini Top

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