Woman Exercising Wearing Fit Jacket Eclipse and Fit Capri Pant Eclipse

Pictured: Fit Jacket Eclipse, Fit Capri Pant Eclipse

Fit for Summertime Workout

Warm weather and clear skies can only mean 1 thing, summer is coming! A lot of anxiety for women of all ages comes about when thinking of having to be in a bathing suit. Here at HAPARI we do not want you to feel that way! Not only do we have a wide range of tankinis and bikinis that are perfect for every figure, but we are also invested in making sure our customers are happy and healthy through tips and tricks. Today we have paired up with Kellie from The Classy Artist to show you a couple fitness moves that are perfect for every fitness level. She has included an illustration that you can print out to use as your workout guide featuring our favorite HAPARI FIT items. Watch the videos at the end of each section for a step by step. Lets get started!

The Warm Up

The most important part about a workout is the warmup.It is a good idea to first start with a good stretch of the muscles you are going to be working. Next, to make sure your body and muscles are ready for exercise, warm up with a 10 minute walk or run. You can do this outside, on a trail, or in the gym on a treadmill!

The Lunge

For our first workout move, we are going to be talking about the lunge. Lunges are a full body move that helps strengthen your legs and your core. To preform a lunge, stand with your feet together and step out in front with one foot. Lower your hips until your front and back knees are bent at approximately a 90 degree angle. Make sure your front knee should not extend out over your ankle, your back knee should be hovering over the ground. Keep your weight in your heels as you step your back leg up into starting position. Switch legs and repeat. Start slow if necessary and try to work your way up to doing 50 of each leg! Watch this video for lunge tips from trainer Alexia Clark.

Woman Lifting  Dumbbells Wearing White Eclipse Fit Mesh Jacket and Fit Pant Black

Picture: White Eclipse Fit Mesh Jacket, Fit Pant Black

The Squat

Time for a booty burn! Squats not only target your booty but also help strengthen your core. To do a sweat start with your feet shoulder width apart and pointed slightly outward. Keep your shoulders back, core engaged, and chin up. Preform a squat by bending your knees and lowering your hips and but down as if you were going to sit in a chair. Make sure your knees are on top of your toes but not extending past them. Keep your weight in your heels as you extend back up into standing position. You have just performed a squat! Do this move stated as above or add weights to make it more challenging. Start with 5 squats and work your way up to 50! Take a look at this video by trainer Alexia Clark for tips on squat form.

The Bicycle Crunch

Abs, Abs, Abs. To strengthen your core the bicycle crunch is a great exercise people of all fitness levels can do. To start this exercise, lie flat on the floor with your back on the ground. We recommend using a soft yoga mat to lay on. Place your hands on the side of your heat but do not lock your fingers. Lift your legs off the ground into a 45 degree angle. Slowly preform a bicycle pedaling motion with your legs to get the hang of it. To do the crunch portion, touch your elbow to the alternate knee and repeat by twisting back and fourth through your core for each elbow.  Start with 5 on each side and work your way up to 50! Watch this instructional video by livestrong for a walk through of this exercise.

Woman Stretching Wearing Hapari Fit Bra Eclipse and Eclipse Fit Tummy Tuk Pant

Pictured: Fit Bra Eclipse

The Push Up

Push ups are not only for trainees in boot camp. This exercise is a full body movement that will strengthen your arms and core. To preform a push up, get in the push up position with your feet together, your body straight, and your hands below but slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower your body to the floor. Push back up with your arms and engaged core to be back in push up position. You can do this movement as stated above or to make it a little easier, put your knees to the ground. This is one of the toughest exercises so start with 3-5 push ups and work your way up. Watch this video from Alexia Clark to learn the correct form and ways to work your way up to a perfect push up.

There you have it, 5 steps to getting happy and healthy for the summer. Make sure to save the workout guide below and check out Kellie's blog post featuring her HAPARI Fit Activewear.

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We love sharing our tips and tricks with our #HAPARI fans! Want to see us do a tutorial or write up on anything specific? Let us know!

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