Happy 2023 everyone! We’re so excited for the start of a new year. With the hope and possibility of the future and what’s to come, the new year always brings a revitalizing energy. We’re here for it and we know you, our HAPARI community, are too! If you’re into making and challenging yourself with resolutions in the New Year then you’ll love our post today. We’re featuring five New Year’s Resolutions to make (and keep!) in 2023. Check it out!

1. Gratitude journal

The habit we’ve loved from last year, and recommend bringing into the new year, is a gratitude journal! It’s a super simple idea but the results and impact are powerful. By simply choosing to focus on gratitude at the start of every day, you’re reframing how you view and interact with the world. This small daily practice can take as little as five minutes. All you need is a journal or paper and a pen. Start by writing down the things you’re grateful for—I find it helpful to be as specific as possible, and to push myself to think of things unique to that day. Give it a try and see how it goes!

Aerial shot of two journals and pencils


2. Daily meditation

Study after study has shown how beneficial meditation is to your health. It’s no longer considered a far-fetched practice outside of traditional medicine. The health results from daily meditation are directly linked to reduced stress, improved blood pressure, improved heart health, and more. It’s time to start trying meditation in 2023! Download a guided app, or check out videos on YouTube, to get started. Most offer free versions so it shouldn’t cost you anything to try. Next, challenge yourself to practice just a few minutes a day. See how helpful calming your mind and focusing your thoughts can be on your overall mental health. We love meditation and strongly recommend it!

Woman sitting cross legged on a yoga mat meditating with a dog sitting next to her

3. Stretching

Doing the splits in your 30s, 40s or 50s? Now that’s impressive! Lucky for you we’re not asking you to go that far. In fact, ultimate flexibility actually isn’t the goal. The challenge here is to just stretch your body every day. Doing so will increase your mobility and enable you to have the functional training needed to support every day movement as you age. It’s incredibly important to keep doing this as we get older. The saying, ‘use it or lose it’ is really true—if we want to be able to easily bend down, maintain balance, or prevent falls, it’s time to start doing those things every day. Start by challenging yourself to stretch each day for just a few minutes.

Woman and daughter stretching and trying to touch their toes on a rug in a living room

4. Be active

It’s time to get active ladies and 2023 is our year to do it! We know our community is already super active but we want to challenge you to do something active every day. You get to determine what that means and how that aligns with your routine. Challenge yourself to go to a workout class daily, set a daily step goal, or get in a walk outdoors everyday. Yes, yes, and yes! It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, how grand or how simple, just be active and commit to doing it every day. See how much better you’ll feel in a week, month, and year from now. Let’s do it together!

Woman jogging on a path in a city park

5. Inner peace

Last but not least, we’ve been into an impactful idea around managing emotions and regulating thought processes. The idea is to pause and prioritize keeping your body, and your mental health, calm and in a state of peace throughout your day. The goal is to maintain your inner peace, not letting outside influences, ‘rock your boat’ by actively choosing how you want to respond. To do this, practice pausing before you react to an external event. View that event, feel that event, assess what’s happening, and then decide how you want to respond with the goal of maintaining your peace. This is hard to do and takes practice—a lot of it—but doing so empowers you to have full control of your emotions and how your day unfolds. You’ll no longer feel like things just ‘happen to you’ without your control. You have the power to create a more peaceful inner space for yourself. Try it and let us know how it goes!

Image of woman smiling and holding a happy face yellow balloon by her face

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