Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11 2014, and it's right around the corner! At Hapari, we love moms. (Did you know many of our tankinis provide enough coverage and stretch to be worn as maternity swimwear? They are an especially great gift idea for the soon-to-be moms in your life. More info on our tankinis as maternity swimwear can be found on our recent blog post here.) But Putting our awesome suits aside however, sometimes the best gifts aren’t products but experiences and creating memories together. A lot of guides out there will give you specific product ideas to buy for your mom. We thought we’d be a little different and give you our guide to Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas! All of these ideas incorporate planning/bringing/making/doing to truly giving her something she will always remember.

Plan a Trip Together

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When is the last time you spent the weekend together, just you and your mom? If you’re like me, it’s been years. Leave your husband and kids with Grandpa for the weekend; spend some quality time with your ma! Drive an hour out of the city and stay at a bed and breakfast, wake up in the morning and go on a hike, spend the night trying a new restaurant and watching a movie. Or doing something more elaborate - book flights to a new city you’ve both never been to and explore together. Laugh. Visit local museums or take a walking tour around town. Whatever you do, remember it’s all about  creating memories together.

Spend the Day Doing What She Loves

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Get your siblings, aunts, uncles and mom’s friends together and plan an activity you know she loves! Whether it’s going to see the latest Wes Anderson flick, spending the day getting pedicures or going for a round of golf together, planning an event with you and the people your mother loves is memorable and fun. And she’ll appreciate the effort you made to bring everyone together!

Put together a Video or Book

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Reach out to your relatives, family friends and neighbors and ask them to either write or record their favorite memory of your mom. Maybe it’s the time they traveled through Europe together or maybe it’s pranking their older brother with a water balloon fight. Maybe it’s cooking a new recipe that turned out — to their surprise — amazing! Or the time they forgot to put flour in the cookie recipe and it was a total disaster. The funnier, sometimes the better! Compile the notes or video clips into a book or video. Present it to her on Mother’s Day. It’s a guaranteed hit! She will be able to re-read or re-watch the video again and again reliving hilarious, loving moments with her closest loved ones.

Make her something

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No product can replace a homemade item. The time, love and care it takes to actually make something is irreplaceable and more special than any department store item could ever be! And the great news is — there are so many great do-it-yourself (aka DIY) tutorials on the internet now; it’s increasingly easier and easier to do! You can make her a homemade, all-natural candle, a distressed headboard made of wood, or one of our favorites — these gold monogramed mugs. It’s super easy, inexpensive and takes less than an hour to make. All you need to do is buy a metallic gold marker and a plain white mug. Draw on your mom’s initials or any other design you’d like. Bake the mugs in the oven for 30 minutes. Wrap it up with a beautiful bow and card. Voila!

Give her something she would never buy for herself

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Mom’s are known for being selfless. If she has extra money, the last person she’s likely to spend it on is herself. Mother’s Day is your chance to get her something she deserves! Something she wants, not what she needs. Think of her interests, her passions, her hobbies ... is there something she’s always wanted to do but never has? Get her classes in interior design, at a local community college or continued education facility, she’s always talked about pursuing. Buy her a nice camera and encourage her to follow her photography dreams. Has she wanted a quality Pendleton blanket but always found a reason not to buy it because it’s “unnecessary”? Get her that something that she wants but won’t buy for herself. Remind her that she’s worth it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Five Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! What do you usually do for your mom? What have you wanted to do for her? We would love to hear your ideas and input!